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Finished a few new StupidFox Comics that will be coming out, starting December 27th! For some reason, I can no longer post to www.StupidFox.net because it keeps giving me errors*, but they'll always be available to view here on DeviantArt, or on the Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/StupidFoxFan . *EDIT: Nevermind, I guess the .net site is working afterall, lol I know it took me a while to get back into drawing comics, and I'm hoping that I can start doing it again because I have been accumulating a pile of ideas. Between the comics and the paintings, my posts are going to look very inconsistent, ;P but I've always liked doing a variety of stuff and finding enjoyment in just drawing. Wishing everyone Happy Holidays and a (better) New Year! Thank you for your continued support
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Hello, it has been a while! I hope everyone has been doing well I have some new "At the Moment" comics - a series that I'll be rebooting! Enjoy these 7 new comics for the price of some fancy coffee. You get all 7 comics with a one-time fee. These comics feature some stylistic changes from my previous ones, but you can still check out my other AtM comics Here. I’m hoping to do a few more of these comics in the future. The stories in these “At the Moment” comics are based on true events and are a series I’ve been doing for years (since around 2005). With silly moments and random thoughts that fuel my inspiration, this series has always been like a look into my journal. These 7 new comics are ideas that I had written down for a while that I had been meaning to draw, but had not yet had an opportunity to. I was commissioned by DeviantArt for their Premium Galleries campaign to create this bundle. I chose to draw some ideas that I had set aside, and their campaign gave me
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Hello everyone! It has been a while since I've made any update, but I am generally bad with social media. A lot of you (who are still around to read this) are probably wondering what happened with the StupidFox Comics. While I loved working on the comics and still have many ideas written down, personal circumstances were beginning to weigh on my mental health. It wasn't that I suddenly decided to "stop" doing comics one day, but it was because it was getting harder and harder to start them. And eventually, I realized I just wasn't starting them at all. Depression had me stop drawing altogether for a while, and anxiety stopped me from going to conventions and social meetups. I have been getting treatment for both, but I still find it hard to work on comics (especially a steady one). However, I still accept comic and illustration commissions and have loved drawing personalized work for others! The StupidFox Store will also remain open at www.stupidfoxstore.com where orders will
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When eychanchan joined the DeviantArt Community back in 2003, she probably didn’t anticipate her ‘hobby’ taking off as it did. But, in that time, she has developed into a highly talented illustrator and established her popular webcomic, ‘StupidFox.’ Her gallery spans the areas of seemingly simplistic cartoons to incredibly detailed concept art. Since day one, she has helped to feature fellow artists, hosted numerous community contests, and has helped other deviants grow by sharing videos of her artistic process. For these reasons we are thrilled to be awarding Deviousness for January 2018 to eychanchan.
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Thank you for the Diamond badge

I wish you a lovely weekend :love:

Gack. You've been here even longer than I. I don't hit 20 until next January.

Apologies in semi-advance for possibly blowing up your notifications. I previously collected these in the favorites of a fangroup, but since the Groups update removes group favorites entirely, I'm transferring them all to my personal favorites. (Which in hindsight I probably should have done from the start, but oops, better twelve years late than never. ^^;)

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You have with your loved ones a Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday and many happy years and this year God fill you with blessings and happiness my friend. =P:#1::airborne::airborne::airborne::cake::party::party::party::hug::huggle::happybounce::happybounce::cake:

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Merry Christmas and Happy birthday!

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