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The past few months have been pretty crazy for me, so I thought I'd update with what's been going on =3 I admittedly don't really use journals that much as they take too long to update XD But if you are looking for more frequent, up to date info on my life feel free to follow my personal twitter SilentRavyn!

Right after FC (literally the week after I got back) I moved into a new place. It's the first time I've had a permanent home in over four years, as I've been moving back and forth across the country for university, and also the first time I've [i]really[/i] moved out of my parent's place (meaning, taking all of my things with me, getting my own furniture instead of living somewhere pre-furnished, and actually settling everything in like I am going to stay for a while, rather than move out in a few months). Anyone who's ever moved knows how much work this can be >.< It is completely worth it, though. I love my new place, and my new freedom. And now I have a separate studio to work in, which I absolutely adore! I'll probably post photos to my twitter sometime soon.

Then, earlier this month, I had the pleasure of being Guest of Honor at Fur-Eh! ( here in Alberta. This was the first year for the con, and I was really impressed with how everything went. Also, everyone there was awesome and I had a ton of fun! Hopefully we will grow larger next year, and I encourage anyone in the area to come check it out =3

I've attended a few other local non-furry cons as well, and been in and out of being sick (probably due to stress). But things are getting more settled now, and I'm starting to feel like I can take care of myself and relax a bit instead of working all the time, and setting up my house. I've been doing quite a bit of art, some of which has already been posted, but there is a lot that is still to come ;) I'm also hoping to adopt a puppy later in the year, so if that happens expect to hear me gushing all about it!

Anyway, that's my 2012 so far! Now I have Anthrocon to look forward to, of course, so look out for an update on that very soon ^.^
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Seems like you're keeping a full plate...that's awesome to hear. ^_^

Wish I had encouraging news over on this end...but it's been difficult...though I think I might put up some more new stuff on my page this three days to play with, after all.

--Brother Abram