Anthrocon 2012 Meme! (Find me at table K03)

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Do people do these on DeviantArt? Meh, I'll do it anyway because I'm so excited for this year's con, eeeee


What is your gender?

What do you look like?
Short, dark brown hair, average/slim build

How old are you?

How tall are you?

How would you describe yourself?
I'd like to think I'm fun loving, friendly, a bit shy at times but once I get to know you I can be quite social. I really just like playing and having a good time!

Are you taken?
Yes, so please no inappropriate touchings. Although that should be a given anyway

Are you nice?
So I'm told =3 Talk to me and you can find out for yourself!

Are you cliquey?
I wouldn't say so - I do have friends that I naturally tend to hang out with, like anyone else, but I love meeting new people too!

You like shinies?
Is that even a question?? *grabbies at the shiny*


Can I talk about/do drugs in front of you?
Whatever you like is your business, I just may not get involved

Can I invite you out for food/fun/etc?
For sure! I'll do my best to attend, but AC is just about the busiest thing ever for me so I may not always be able to make it.

Can I come with you for food/fun/etc?
Maybe, just ask! Sometimes it might just be an outing for a small group of my friends.

Can I talk to you?
Of course, I'd love to meet you! If I'm working on art, though, don't be offended if I'm too busy to have a long conversation =P

Can I give you stuff?
There's really no need to, but I'd be flattered ^.^

Can I hug you?
I love hugs!

Can I hug your friends?
I can't really speak for them XD

Can I cuddle with you?
I prefer to leave this to people I am close friends with, but furpile cuddles are fine! Just no inappropriates prease

Can I flirt with you?
I'm taken, so I'd rather you didn't ^^;

Can I stalk you?
Umm, no thanks!

Are there any words I shouldn't use around you?
Nah, I'm open minded and I've heard it all. Just don't go around insulting people or anything, that's just not nice.

Can I buy you drinks?
I can't refuse an offer like that =3

Can I ask you to dance?
I usually don't dance 'with' people, but you can dance next to me!

Attending parties?
If I'm invited!

Can I buy you food sometime?
I couldn't refuse that either!

Can I make plans with you?
Talk to me and I'll see if I'm available ^.^

Can I visit you in your room?
My roomies and I will have our things there, so it's more or less off limits. Unless I invite you to meet me there or something.

Can I take a picture of you?
Sure thing! I'd love to see it later

If I see you, how should I get your attention?
Approach me and introduce yourself, or call my name - Pretty standard!

How can I find you?
During the day I'll be easy to find at my dealer's table (K03), and in the evenings I'll either be at panels or suiting around


Do you do free art/free anything?
Unfortunately I don't have time at cons, but you can commission me for sure!

Will you have art in the Art Show?
Yep! Both G and M sections

Will you be in the Alley?
No, I'll be in the Dealer's though =3 (Table K03)

Can I look through your art?
Of course, I'll have a couple of print books to flip through at my table

Do you have originals for sale?
In the art show!

Can I draw in your sketchbook?
Sure ^.^

Are there limits to what you will draw?
I'm not really interested in drawing things that are really graphic or offensive. I know that's a bit vague, so feel free to talk to me about what you have in mind


Where are you staying?
I'm trying out the Courtyard this year!

Who will you be rooming with?
Fallout Coyote

Who will you be hanging out with?
Not 100% sure yet, probably friends from home and those I only get to see at cons

Major plans at the con?
Art, panels, fursuiting, running around like a maniac... Oh, and having fun!

Silent Ravyn as always!

I can't wait to see you guys there! *runs off to finish some art and pack*
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Where's your commission info?