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Wooly Mammoth

By SilentRavyn
And this is the third of the series, and in my opinion the cutest ^.^ Who could resist those big blue mammoth eyes?

I've been working really hard on lots of stuff, so I should start posting pretty regularly =)
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Hi SilentRavyn....
My husband does a lot of volunteer trail maintenance for  Wisconsin's Ice Age Trail.
The official mascot of the IAT is the Wooly Mammoth.
The official logo is too OFFICIAL for hubby.  He wants me to make him some business cards that he can give to
friends who ask him about the IAT, and he googled for images and found yours.

He would like to use your baby mammoth on his business card.  I pointed out to him that it is copywrited.
Would you be willing to allow me to design something for him with your image above?  We could give you
credit in the fine print.  Please?

also love all your FOX images.  Maybe another time for those.  :)    
Patti Fox,  clay artist
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Hi Patti, if you give credit to me as the artist on the card and are not in any way profiting from this (ie. use for volunteer work only) then you are more than welcome to :) Thank you for asking!
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Adorable little fellow!
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Zomg so cute and fluffy. Just a question? Could I draw this for meh art class? I'll make it a little different like add something. But I just wanted to make sure if I could. I will probably not post it on anything. But if I do it will be here to show meh friends that live in different states so yeah. But I will credit u fully if I do so.
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So... freakin.. cute! :iconcannotevenplz: looks like Peaches from Ice Age!
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I almost wish there were still Wooly Mammoths around today. I bet they would look adorable.
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No! Noooo! Can't resist the mammoth! Zing! Dies of cuteness
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:iconitssocuteplz :iconiloveitplz: ADORABLE!
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:iconitssocuteplz: Maybe that'll work owo
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This is the cutest thing I will ever see in my entire life. Nay, this is the cutest creative work in existence. I tip my hat to you.
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Oh, and BTW, I made this my desktop :D :D :D
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This is very cute! x3 Reminds me of a plush I made a year ago!
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Oh god, this is so cute. You can get diabetes just from looking at it. :heart:
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nawww soo cute it looks like peaches from ice age :D
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ok I think that juts might be too cute lol
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So cute... I think my head might possibly explode...
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Ooohhh, cute, I want him/her to my home :D
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D'aawww, so adorable! I love your style, Ravyn... your talents never cease to amaze me! Hee-hee! ^u^
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Awww, I heart his toes. ^^
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