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The Patient Huntress

By SilentRavyn
Did this a while ago, but forgot to upload it ^^;

Sometimes I sit down and get a spontaneous urge to draw something, then stay up all night to finish it. That's what happened here, I just really wanted to work with a semi-realistic style again (my commissions and most popular work tend to be more animated, but I still love realism).

So apparently I felt like doodling a serval huntress. The piece is watercolor and colored pencils and approx. postcard sized. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, and the original will likely be sold at this year's Anthrocon =3
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Cute :love:
Very detailed as well :D
Nojjesz's avatar
I love your artwork! :) Amazing!
Shnooky6's avatar
man, this is what you call "awesome details"
jboweruk's avatar
Man how did I miss this beauty?
Joker-Darling's avatar
GoldenDruid's avatar
Nice work :nod: I love this one!
scattershine's avatar
I really always liked this picture. Gonna fav.
vlfskgmfakmf's avatar
love it
simply stunning
SpottacusCheetah's avatar
Hi Rayvn. I was one of the two high bidders on this at AC 2010... but the furry that wanted it loved it so much, and was looking so sad that he might not get it, that I had to let it go to him (not without a bit of a fight though). I did love this piece a lot.
SilentRavyn's avatar
Awww, well thank you so much for bidding regardless! I was blown away by the response to that piece, and I'm so glad you liked it enough to participate in the bid war ^.^ I'm sure there will be more servals in my future art
SpottacusCheetah's avatar
MBPanther's avatar
She looks pretty young and excited. It looks like her first hunt. Great job so detailed and beautiful.
Azuris's avatar
Such an adorable colouring! Loved this work so very much ^^
Koushoku-jin's avatar
:wow: The colors are incredible; I'm taken just imagining that this was rendered for a postcard-size; the amount of care to bring this one out got my attention, and dibs on the eyes

Excellent work!
AokiBengal's avatar
She's gorgeous!! What's the dimensions of the piece? Wow she's so pretty!
SilentRavyn's avatar
Thanks ^.^ She's just over 5x7 inches
AokiBengal's avatar
Will you be making prints from this piece as well?
SilentRavyn's avatar
Yep, they are already available here through DA but I will be printing some of my own to sell at cons or mail to anyone interested
AokiBengal's avatar
Would I be able to get one from you personally?
SilentRavyn's avatar
Absolutely =) Send me a note and we can sort it out. I should have some ready to ship in a couple of weeks
OddFacade's avatar
*glomps and snuggles into her back* She's beautiful, and beautifully drawn! ^.^

...and I just ruined her hunt. x.x
Wolf-Zephyr's avatar
wow that looks absolutly beautiful! wonderful job and i'm definitely faving this :D
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