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The Cage Within

This was my entry to Gummy Guts 2 back in 2017 - I guess I never got around to posting it!

I went a little unorthodox with my candy gore concept - this pine marten is trying to trap the birds flying free around him by eating them, however his cage/belly has it's door open so they are able to break free, and the cycle continues.

I used an unusual combination of mixed media for this piece. I started with a base of fluid acrylic, then worked into the details with marker and coloured pencil. The background is opaque black acrylic, with decorative accents in gold and silver pen. All the metal/cage parts of the marten were done in silver acrylic, so the original sparkled in a way the scan can never achieve.

The original sketch for this piece is currently for auction, along with a signed copy of the book and a print!…

Alternatively, you can buy the book directly from Aycee:…
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Cool concept and beautiful use of mixed media! I love how the birds stand out so boldly against the background with their vivid colors. :)

Since you used acrylic paint as the base, what kind of paper did you use for this (or did you use a canvas?)? I find acrylics tend to make paper get all crinkly.

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Thanks so much! This was done on illustration board, which allows a nice flat surface for the fluid acrylics, while still being thick enough to not warp :)

Reminds me of something I forgot.