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Fox in the Snow

By SilentRavyn
Snowstorm today =( I thought spring was coming! Ah well, this little foxie seems to be enjoying himself. I couldn't resist the thought of a red fox walking through a forest, paw deep in snow and calmly admiring the flakes falling around him. Unfortunately my scanner didn't pick up a lot of the detail in the snow on the ground, but I'll try and upload a better file later.

A little bit of an experiment, both with background and medium. For this I used a base of watercolor and then acrylic on top to make things look more 'solid'. Let me know how it turned out, as I might try it again in the future =3
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Its....cute, the expression in its eyes and its mouth are incredible, its a very good job!

I've seen so much people (DA users and non-users) that draw the same scenes of animals/people in the snow enjoying it, thats why is not so... original, just need to plan more original scenes, all good drawings are cool because their ideas are never seen before in other art.

The technique its cool and I like it, maybe improve a little the shade? ...

The impact is good because is a very cute scene but is very ... common to see a pic of a creature in the snow.

Just... continue like that and you'll be a very good artist
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This looks amazing grate job o:
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Sooooo CUTE! How you can do this? How much time do you spend to do this?? That's really AMAZING!
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wow, this is cool <haha pun kindof intended> i just love this style!!, looks so good!
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Hehe, I could see a fox doing this too :)
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This one looks just like those pics in children's story books. Really cute and I also like the background
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Reminds me of the Ranger Rick illustrations from the 80s, very cute :)
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Okay... This... Is... the BEST drawing I have ever seen! Nice Job!
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Its so cute I Love Foxes
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this picture is amazing! even more amazing is: i just got started on here, and this picture is like exactly my accounts theme! insta-fave!
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WOW! I love this! I found a song that would go great with this: Cristofori's dream By David Lanz. Is it ok If I make a peice of art similar to this? Ill say that it was inspired by you?
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As long as the layout, pose, etc. aren't the same (so it doesn't look like a copy) you are of course welcome to be inspired my my art =)
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Foxes can be black or brown, you know.

Otherwise, good job.
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Aaaaand what's the point? She chose red. Just because they CAN be, doesn't mean they have to be
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Overabundance of red foxed in art makes me think people don't even know that.
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well aint this lil fox all dainty an cute?
Hey!! I like this!! Do you think you can draw me a picture of a fox protecting a smaller fox? And make the big fox look angry and in protective stance? My email is

Contact me if you can

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I'm open for commissions periodically, and I will post to my twitter and journals when that happens ^.^ That sounds like a really fun piece to do!
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Hi, Happy New Year, I wanted to let you know that I featured this deviation in my journal.
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It reminds me of The Animals Of Farthing Woods. That sort of style. Very cute. :la:
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Very kind drawing.... something from the childhood.
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You gave such a tender and soft atmosphere to the drawing.
The fox' face is so pacific, and the background, the snow effect and that tiny little snow flake, the soft coloring and the fur texture.. I love them all :heart:
You did such a good job :aww:
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