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Days of Old

By SilentRavyn
A smilodon warrior rests for a moment near some rock art done by his tribe.

This has actually been floating around my head for a while, but the theme of this year's Anthrocon (which, if you haven't noticed, I am having WAY too much fun with) gave me a reason to put it to paper. I've been itching to try semirealism again, especially since my last one was so well received.

I love prehistory and especially art and artifacts from that era so this was so much fun to do. He will be in the Anthrocon 2010 art show.
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gorgeous illustration
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Really beautiful! Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:
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This is a very beautiful picture :D I really like the colouring, with the beautiful textures and the great shading. You've painted an interesting pattern on the smilodon too, I've mostly seen them painted with some kind of lion fur pattern without spots or wit small spots only on their legs, however I think this looks better and it's an interesting concept as it's not so often used ;) Great work with the rocks. His expression seems a bit sad though, is that meant to be so, or is he just thoughtful?
SilentRavyn's avatar
I just intended him to be thoughtful ^.^ And the spots were inspired by some drawings I had seen of the species - I suppose it would make sense from a camouflage perspective
RenegadeFlyer's avatar
Yeah, I thought so but I had to ask anyway as I was curious ;) It would indeed make sense from a camouflage perspective :)
Tom-MarvoloRiddle's avatar
Beautiful, I love it :)
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I normally have no interest in anthros, but seeing one in a prehistoric setting like this is really well-done, especially with the details you've put into his surroundings--the cave paintings, the weapon, his piercings and jewelery and so forth...they really make this unbelievable creature a very believable part of his environment.
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Just chilling...with my wall...and my spear..

Looks great!
RainOfTheSoulsStar's avatar
This is beautiful, BEAUTIFUL work :)
Booknerd555's avatar
Lovely I love it! <3
P.S. If your reading this please check out my book reviews! I t would mean so much to me
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Congrats on the DD!
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The detail is amazing.
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incredible artwork you have here! i love it! well done.:)
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Omg, pardon my terrible spelling: This is beautiful :P
Avangelina's avatar
Wow, this is beauitful.
Pepperthepoochyena's avatar
You deserve ALL the love.<3

I looove Smilodons.
ianvicknair's avatar
do you believe in anthros? If so i can tell you a little story.
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This is pretty cool. I really like it.
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A very beautiful image in deed =^_^=

May I ask what media this is?
It looks like mixed media, the BG looks like watercolour, but the character is hard to tell.
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