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By SilentRavyn
A random burst of inspiration made me want to do a realistic piece and go hog wild on the fur detail, etc. 5 days later, here's the result. I think I've fallen in love with watercolor and gouache paints for realistic art. I'm hoping to be able to do more realistic stuff like this, maybe I'll attempt more of a body next time. Also I'm very pleased with the background, since I tend to get really bored and botch them. This one turned out well I think. The whole thing is only 8x10 inches.

I just uploaded a detail shot here if you'd like to see: [link]
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I looked at a lot of your art and am so amazed you can change your style from cartoon-ish to realistic so well! What i think is a bit off is that the eyes need to be a bit farther apart and the angle of the eyes needs to tilt down and to the left a bit. Otherwise, it made me think I could see an anthro wolf next time I go into the woods. Your art is great and i consider you an anthro powerhouse. I wish i could detail fur that well xP. Keep up the amazing work!
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I was searching through the many pictures of wolves and werewolves on DeviantArt when I ran into this groundbreaking piece. It delivers a fresh concept on many fronts. The overall concept of daydreaming is accomplished with the pose and facial expression. The artist made a piece that truly resonates with people, not just wolf/anthro fans. Whether it is the crisp detail of the fur, the well balanced lighting, detailled eyes, or natural background, all of the elements behind the piece. All of the elements the artist sought to use worked together harmoniously and a truly magnificent piece was made here. Kudos to the artist.
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Pretty sure I'm the only one to comment on SilentRavyn in at least 2 years. I feel awkward ._.
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Very stunning! Well deserved DD :nod:
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This is literally the best wolf painting I ever had the honor of seeing!
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excellent piece, I honestly haven't seen many paintings of this style lately
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I can't believe I've been watching you this whole time and never saw this picture..... it's very beautiful.

maybe I few more years and I'll figure out how to draw fur that detailed or at least have the patience for it @ _@
This is really cool. Love the fur details.
I've got a few characters I'm trying to do for various projects, mice I got pretty good. But this wol makes me feel bad about the attempt I did at one. Wow. just wow.
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I was Talking about your avatar! When you leave the page it talks. "don't forget to comment" it said XD
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AWESOME, just one question, how do you make your avatar talk???? XD

No seriously........ how?!
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Do you mean animated icons? I'm a bit confused ^^;
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It's very good
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wow this is amazing :) great job
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aboslutely beautiful.
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awwww so cute I love this wolfs expresion X3
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wow, love the detailing! it looks so realistic!
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Whoa, the wolves texture and fur is really good. Especially the coloring!^.^ Wonderful piece of art. :clap:
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This should be a print. :D
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If you're interested I do have prints available, but they are limited edition and only 15 were ever produced (that's why they aren't available here ^.^) Note me if you want more information!
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Aaawww... the expression looks exactly like one my doggy Ruffer does! :3 even the eye colour is the same. That's really coincidental. >_>
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god i love the eyes :O

This gotta be one of the greatest art works I seen in very long time, at least its the first to make me WoW and just sitt and watch it in a loooong time :)

Great done (Y)
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