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July 24, 2007
"Daydreaming" by *SilentRavyn is so realistic you need to do a full close view to be sure it's not a photograph. It took 5 days to finish this piece, and it was work every minute. I hope this award encourages this wonderful artist to keep sharing such amazing pictures with us, because it's for sure a must-watch!
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A random burst of inspiration made me want to do a realistic piece and go hog wild on the fur detail, etc. 5 days later, here's the result. I think I've fallen in love with watercolor and gouache paints for realistic art. I'm hoping to be able to do more realistic stuff like this, maybe I'll attempt more of a body next time. Also I'm very pleased with the background, since I tend to get really bored and botch them. This one turned out well I think. The whole thing is only 8x10 inches.

I just uploaded a detail shot here if you'd like to see: [link]
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I looked at a lot of your art and am so amazed you can change your style from cartoon-ish to realistic so well! What i think is a bit off is that the eyes need to be a bit farther apart and the angle of the eyes needs to tilt down and to the left a bit. Otherwise, it made me think I could see an anthro wolf next time I go into the woods. Your art is great and i consider you an anthro powerhouse. I wish i could detail fur that well xP. Keep up the amazing work!