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An Unlikely Couple

Sold at AC 2007! I'm sure a dog and a cat in love may seem rather strange but these two disagree ^.^ Colored pencil and marker, with a little bit of watercolor for the background.
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Aww! I'm melting! They're adorable!
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is it ok that i used my character couple and drew them under an umbrella ??
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of course! I'm sure it's been done before, and will be done again in the future :)
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Aww that's adorable!
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awwwe its so adorable! ^-^ i loves it!
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This picture you've done looks very nice and sweet. :meow:
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Hello, SilentRavyn. ^^ My boyfriend *shadow-delta47 has a group here on deviantART; :iconanthro-artists-unite: The group doesn't have an official icon yet, and I'm determined to make one for it, and get the group rolling again. I was wondering if I could use this picture in the icon, and I was also wondering if you'd be willing to join the group and contribute your anthro work to the group. It would mean a lot to *shadow-delta47 and me. Thanks for reading. ^^ Bye.
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Added your picture to a video and linked your gallery :)
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Definitely one of my favorite anthro drawings on all of deviantART. I love cat/dog couples. They double the plot in every story. Keep it up!
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Truly sweet. I love the happy expressions. :D
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Lolz not strange for me cause im a wolf and im with a cat XD
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That makes 2 of us
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kinda sad cause when I drew a picture of me and my boy friend one of my class mates said shouldnt it be the other way around.
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I don't draw much, I being mainly a literary artist. Also, I'm a guy as well, so there isn't really a set thing for this. I guess it doesn't matter who really wears the pants if it's not a hetero relationship.
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Regardless, I really love this picture, the expressions are so sweet and the detail is amazing.
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I wish my art was like that >.<
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I can't draw for crap x3
I'm a literary artist.
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Rain is awesome BTW.
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Awww, that looks so adorable :aww:
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