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Maybe we don't appreciate what we have because we still think that someday our prince will come.

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Some of my other pink work!
Always Here by SilentPlea    Love Is by SilentPlea  Heaven Waits by SilentPlea

Thank you! :love:
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such beautiful picture
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tursiops33's avatar
Amazing detail! Love it!
SilentPlea's avatar
Thank you Rafael :hug:
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Pink! Nice choice of color for a Princess as many are in white. I think the message here is well conveyed, and your choice of model's age gives hope to those in their 20s and 30s, as many "Princesses" seem to be in their teens. Nice rendition and photo choices.
realta2aimitis's avatar
:blackrose: I think the horse you used in this picture would make a great unicorn. Would love to see that.
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Oh yes you are right! That's a good thought, thank you :heart:
dAb-blingin-art's avatar
Featured [link] in my journal this evening!
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dAb-blingin-art's avatar
You are quite welcome!
dAb-blingin-art's avatar
beautiful!!! I love pink, I love horses.. this made my day seeing this!!!
SilentPlea's avatar
Oh thank you! :hug:
I love pink too, and I'm working on something pink right now:love:
FenneArts's avatar
Generally I hate pink, but this one is really nicely done, magical and fairytale-like :) And good luck in the contest!
SilentPlea's avatar
Thank you very much I'm happy that you liked it:hug:
I love pink :giggle:
But, in this piece, I felt it was appropriate to go along with the fairytale theme and also it brings out the little girl fantasy of princesses, castles and waiting for that elusive Prince Charming. :)
FenneArts's avatar
You were right, the theme required it :)
And you're very welcome! :hug:
sjm1010's avatar
Pretty in pink...:smooch:
SilentPlea's avatar
You never saw this one?
Thank you squiggletoes:love:
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