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For my friend Katherine.

How funny was the House and Wilson dynamic in the season 4 premiere?

Reference used: season 4 promo pic, I love them!
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House, be quiet?  Impossible!  Love this!!!  It's so detailed I thought it was a photo!!
Ts0F's avatar
When I saw this I was like 'Oh. A photo. Cool'. But the I zoomed in and thats when I noticed it wasn't...You, girl, are so frikin talented.
joelbear49's avatar
i want to be this talented
eternity-penguin's avatar
The eyes especially are incredibly, incredibly lifelike. Hugh Laurie has the most amazing eyes, and you've made them...more intense, if that's possible. I...just can't even at this amount of detail.
90DEnise's avatar looks almoust like a photo:O:O:O
Insaneymaney's avatar
is this an actual pic taken of him or sumthin or did u draw/paint this?!?!? :O
true-Britster's avatar
Absolutely amazing! And "G. H. <3 J. W." is priceless.
VgregBill's avatar
You sure it's not a photo?
God, you're a genius.
MriaM-R's avatar
looks like a photo, amazing
Iris-Grubb's avatar
and here's me thinking it was a photo.
that's a BIGpieceofamazing(:
Iris-Grubb's avatar
oh, and i awwwwww'd at the G.H <3 J.W.
Febreizh's avatar
No... I really thought it was a photo !
Narresiah's avatar
brilliant !!... I love him... :heart: :aww:
andruz52's avatar
WTF!? thats a paint?
woah, don't look like one!, it's amazing!
failedbiopsy's avatar
The 'G.H. and J.W.' fits in very well. :]
ViciousCherry's avatar
Words cannot describe how amazing this picture is. :+fav:
Kiche-Mokuren's avatar
I seriously thought this was a photo at first! It's incredible!! Good job :D
Fuzzybuni's avatar
Omg, at first I thought it was a photo! Holy, it looks so real. :O
very very awesome.
PipingPringle's avatar
I don't understand why this isn't fav'd like a million times over.
L-Miguel's avatar
holly shit that's amazing!
Lundo's avatar
i fell in love
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