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Snowflake - Season 2 Poster Collab Contribution

By Silentmatten
This pony is also known as "Roid Rage" but it isn't as child friendly as "Snowflake" and I prefer to be a Child friendly artist.

PNG and Adobe Illustrator files can be found in the download.

This is my contribution towards the MLP-VectorClub Season 2 Poster Collaboration

Overall, this vector was not one of my easier ones, I had to basically do his legs from scratch, his tail wasn't in any good references that I could find (although it isn't that hard of a tail) and the amount of overall detail in this Pegasus pony just made it a very time consuming vector.

Overall time spent on the vector, around 2-3 hours.

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Copyright owned by Hasbro and Studio B Productions.
Terms of use is on my profile page.
© 2012 - 2021 Silentmatten
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Used here, I hope that's ok.
Please let me know if you want the credit section changed or something.
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oh my gosh... dude... thank you for the luls! I love it!!
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Changed the license to CC BY-NC-SA. I think it's compatible with (or in fact the same as) the TOS on your profile, but please let me know if there's anything you'd like to have changed. Otherwise thank you very much for this great vector!
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I want to use this vector for a MLP t-shirt I want to do.  Is that alright?
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:iconironwillplz::iconsaysplz: Everyone know what they wanna to rock!
:iconsnowflakeplz::iconsaysplz: YEAH, ROCK ON!!!
:iconjoeswansonplz::iconsaysplz: YOU SUCK!!!
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dem tiny back hooves.
that's perfect.
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Yeah, probably the most comical thing about him ^_^
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Thank you kindly!
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np bro, jus being honest
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He reminds me of Scootaloo. If Scootaloo were albino, male, ripped and could fly.
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I think he's also commonly called Roid Rage because of his buffness.

I think he might be a hybrid of a Earth Pony and a Pegasus since he's super buff and yet can fly with the mini size wings.
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Yeah, the fandom named him Roid Rage at first but was changed to snowflake to make him more kid friendly. And I'm all about kid friendly :D
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wow finally someone drew him

he always says yeaaaaaaaaa! lol its always funny
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Yeah, and I can understand why it's taken so long... no references XD
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