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Snowflake - Season 2 Poster Collab Contribution



This pony is also known as "Roid Rage" but it isn't as child friendly as "Snowflake" and I prefer to be a Child friendly artist.

PNG and Adobe Illustrator files can be found in the download.

This is my contribution towards the MLP-VectorClub Season 2 Poster Collaboration

Overall, this vector was not one of my easier ones, I had to basically do his legs from scratch, his tail wasn't in any good references that I could find (although it isn't that hard of a tail) and the amount of overall detail in this Pegasus pony just made it a very time consuming vector.

Overall time spent on the vector, around 2-3 hours.

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Used here, I hope that's ok.
Please let me know if you want the credit section changed or something.