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Diamond Tiara and silver Spoon

By Silentmatten
Watch out, they gonna nom you!

Vector made for My Little Pony; Roleplaying is Magic

Made in Adobe Illustrator
.AI and PNG can be found in the zip download

Ownership and Social Media
Follow my Tumblr for updates and sneak peaks to what is soon to come!
I also have a Facebook page, come check me out there as well!

Copyright owned by Hasbro and Studio B Productions.
Terms of use is on my profile page.
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I wonder what their breath smells like? Nice big open mouthed smiles, though.
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The only reason you two have cutie marks is because your both stuck up b!tches! and you wear glasses nerd!
one of the improvements in the newer seasons besides having the best animation and comedy is less appearances of everyponies 2 most hated characters DT and SS.
they look ridiculous in this shot
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Diamond Tiara - "More like funny..."

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon - "...looking! *laughing*"

Silver Spoon - "What is that thing? A giant orange?"

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon - "*laughing*"
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(Good vector, the characters suck)
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can i make this a base please
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Sure, just credit me in the description please! :)
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you have super good
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good work, I used it here [link]
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