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Derpy Hooves (Re-Vectored)

Derpy Hooves Vector, Part of the Background Characters Project


Update: Finally re-did this vector and I made a speed trace while doing it, check it out!

Other vectors in the project:
Cover page:

Berry Punch:

Big Macintosh:

Bon Bon:

Carrot Top:


Cloud Chaser:


Derpy Hooves: You Are Here

Doctor Whooves:


Lyra Heartstrings:





Wallpaper made with this vector:
:bulletwhite:Fractal: :bulletwhite:

Background characters wallpaper cover page:


Copyright owned by Hasbro and Studio B Productions.
Terms of use is on my profile page.
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Derpy hooves. Probably the silliest, and most adorable nutcase everypony has ever met. I may have seen other vectors similar to this one, but this one's more colorful, and VERY identical to the show itself. I have no idea WHY everyone loves Derpy, but all I can say is that, the crew who works on the show know our passion for the muffin mare and they let us know by showing her as a very special easter egg to the show. Let's hope that Hasbro will still continue to use, to have fun with, and to love this adorable pony.
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Can i use some of your derpy photos to make one of ma characters?
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so long as you follow my terms of use, I have no problems with you using my work.
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Adorable Derpy~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Who doesn't love durpy
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I think Derpy should be good in Rainbows don't you think? Credit was used.…
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(hate spamming you here, but it's important i do this) Hi, I used and credited this vector again here if that's all okay with you…
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Looks cute, nice job!
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i searched for a BigMac vector...i just don't know what went wrong  }:) (epic eyebrow)
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aaaand for the 7th time (this vector is just too perfect), I used and credited this vector here if that's okay…
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Can I use in derpy hooves youtube tribute, I give full credit
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Oh my gosh! Nice! ^^
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I super hope you don't mind [link] I credited you a lot
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Used here [link] I hope you like it =D
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I'm flling up this comments section, but for the sixth time, I used and credited this vector here in this photo: [link]
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and still again, this vector was used (this is favorite Derpy vector /)^o^(\ yay) and credited here: [link]
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