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name: Shikashi Okami

age: 17

DOB: Feb. 29

fighting style Name: Ryuusei Seikūken (Flowing Water Control of the Air Sphere) The Ryuusei

Seikuken Arts Style: Hayato Furinji Style

fighting style info.:
The antithesis to the original Seikūken. Instead of extending the radius of the Seikūken, Ryuusui Seikuuken turns that principle inward, reducing it to a thin layer above the skin to dodge the opponent's attacks at the last possible moment. This principle is necessary because dodging at the final moment before an attack hits saves time and energy. An absolutely calm mind is necessary to use it, as even a slight degree of emotion will disrupt the technique.

There are 3 levels in Ryuusui Seikuuken. These levels could also be thought of as steps in a sequence to the next level:

1. Read the opponent's flow.
2. Combine the opponent's movements with your own.
3. Overpower the opponent by anticipating his moves and use his flow against him before he even thinks of it.
The key is to mount an offense in between an opponent's attacks, which requires a great deal of precision and timing.

info.: he is an expert Martal Artist who is training other to be past his skills. so far only one person has past his skill and died trying to kill him in a fight to the death. he has a secret technique to his fighting style. He uses his hand like a spear when the target is open and strikes with a savage blow to the body. he never loses his focus.

he trains in a dojo near the mississippi river
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can you believe that he is this strong in defense
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he has been created. Check my page for him under untamedreaper