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Genie in a bottle.

Two hours or less

Model: Beyonce

Stock of Beyonce found in Mapstar's Ultimimate Stock Pack which can be found here [link]

Brushes: [link] [link]

Genie lamp can be found on a public domain.

Tell me what you think?

I will be releasing the PSD soon.

Font used: 3 theHard way RMX

Texture used: [link]
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I like the way you made this piece flow. :)
Ymntle-Aleoni's avatar
Really cool it's nothing new but it's still one of the best I've seen, Nice colors you have choose for this to the red really works on the dark brown background.
sweetheidi's avatar
I like this photomanipulation. It is very well put together and I adore the vibrant colours. It would look even better, if the lamp would be closer to Beyonce and the "smoke" would be a bit curved, but I know that would probably be hard to do.
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:) yeah I was planning to do the smoke curved then i ran into problems so I didn't. Thank you :)
zonicMdh's avatar
nice..itz jin?
SilentDesign's avatar
In arabic yeah, it translates to Jin
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Hello, I´m from Contest-Cornucopia. If you are submitting this entry to our contest, we need you to state so in your comments and to add the group´s icon and the contest´s icon. We will also need you to tell us where you took Beyonce´s picture from or if you took the picture yourself. It´s all explained in the contest´s rules but we wanted to remind you of it so we can make this beautiful entry official. Thank you.
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Hey, sorry for late reply. I got the stock from Mapstars ultimate stock pack.
HikariNinjaX's avatar
Hi, please state so in your picture´s comments, thank you
HikariNinjaX's avatar
Thank you very much
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She's hot (pardon the pun).
SilentDesign's avatar
Uh, i'll take that as a compliment :P thanks
POOHEAD189's avatar
It was meant to be a compliment :D
Sunrise-oasis's avatar
niceliy done.....erh why is there an SD n the lamp?
Sunrise-oasis's avatar
oh okay ^ ^!...that makes sense ^ ^!
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