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.hack: Natsume II

A request from fellow dothacker, to draw G.U. Natsume, eyes open :3
(this one is my personal preference, the maniac one :meow:)

Check out the 'Sweet' version!

Natsume [.hack//GU] (c) CC2
Check out the 'Sweet' version!
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^(@O@)^ Twin Blades at the ready, shes about to attack!   xD I never did understand when Natsume didn't say anything when a certain twin blade joins your party lol

^-^ i'm loving her maniacal expression, you've really captured her insanity~     And the Kite plush feels it xD
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yeah, me too! why won't she said something, anything really, to comment about particular twin blade's striking resemblance to certain other twin blade.

maybe the dev team got lazy to add special script :lol:
or if she did comment about him, it would complicate certain things and alienate new players?
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Especially one she has become completely obsessed about,surely other players would know of the Legendary player Natsume is after lol

Could be but surely with players returning from the IMOQ era they would need to know about them to get the reference ^_^
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..She still looks hot somehow. xD
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So beautiful so evil...

Love it. :heart:
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