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Warrior Cat Generator 2.0 by Maedeer Warrior Cat Generator 2.0 :iconmaedeer:Maedeer 561 210 Imagination Creation Challenge 2016 {#2 - Fakemon} by AlimareEmpire Imagination Creation Challenge 2016 {#2 - Fakemon} :iconalimareempire:AlimareEmpire 32 4
As i said, i am going to make my own undertale AU. Its like a little challange for me as i want to train how to create stories and even how to draw comics, i will now release the information i have gathered so far. with the help of my friends i hope i can pull of something decent >u< also this was :iconchibihearts249:'s fault! she pushed me so far to do this XD blame them!!
okay so what is demitale?
its an alternative universe to the amazing game undertale by toby fox which i must say now
so as you are warned now...
what is so different in my AU?
well basically after Asriels death everything went down. Asgore didnt react as soft as we know him from the canon~
to give you a better view on things i will put each main characters role in the AU which :iconprincesscurrent: was so nice to write them out so nicely Q u Q and also the character designes i already ha
:iconcrudaka:Crudaka 439 466
A Guide to Undertale AUs (old)
Management has changed!
Comycatdarkangel will be taking over maintaining this list. Find their post here: A guide to Undertale AU's 2
Go give them support! c:
Every single character in Undertale is changed. AUs that only affect some of the characters are not found here, nor are AUs that change only during the time Frisk is within the underground.
Basic Change (<-THIS IS A LINK)
The basic theme of Undertale is changed, flipped, or modified while still remaining in the same basic story in some which way or form. Most of these AUs have their own versions of the characters. It usually follows a specific theme,
:iconfarsidejr:farsidejr 2,522 4,402
Beware the Grand Templar's Return! by Twokinds Beware the Grand Templar's Return! :icontwokinds:Twokinds 1,718 257
Mature content
Kinks: Odaxelagnia - Yami Bakura X Reader :iconalyxwheatley4ever:AlyXWheatley4Ever 136 13
Break Down (Reginald 'Shark' Kastle x Reader)
You walked into Heartland Academy by Yuma's side, as usual. You WERE best friends after all.
"-And then he said he'd kick my butt---But then I kicked HIS two seconds later!" Yuma said to you with a laugh. You giggled and brushed your soft (h/c) hair out of your eyes and gave Yuma a smile.
"I was SO feelin' the flow!" His fist pumped into the air, then he turned you, grinning for a high-five.
You grinned back at him and gave him a solid high-five as Tori and the rest of the gang walked up.
Tori crossed her arms. "Yuma, don't get so full of yourself. He was only ten years old." She said with a groan. Yuma deflated. You "tee-hee" quietly at this.
"I think he's great!" Cat purred and squeezed Yuma's arm, making him swell back up with pride and making Tori as green as her hair with jealousy. Tori opened her mouth to scold the both of them when the bell rang.
"There's the bell!" Said the tiny, brown-haired boy with glasses so round that he looked like he was constantly c
:iconredrumier:RedRumieR 33 10
Persona 5 – Phantom x Reader
“(Name), there’s a box in front of the house,” you heard Kurusu announce. Curious, you got up from your comfortable position on the couch and went to find him. You found him next to a tall cardboard box.
“Oh, I know what this is. It’s the telescope I told you about last week,” you stated as you walked over to it, attempting to move the box. “…” You pouted as he chuckles at your failed attempt. “Don’t laugh! If you think it’s so funny, why don’t you lift it yourself?”
The noiret easily picks it up and begins to carry it further inside, “It’s my win.” You scoffed.
“You act as if being stronger actually means something.” Kurusu smirked as he placed down the box before he makes his over to you, slowly cornering you against the wall.
“I think it does mean something if I’m able to get something sweet out of it,” h
:iconreinakitty274:ReinaKitty274 142 17
Persona 5 – Phantom x Reader
A sigh escapes your lips as you slowly pulled off your wet blazer. You clearly told the kids in the neighborhood to be careful not to spray the hose as they filled their inflatable pool. Of course, they didn’t they listen to you and proceeded to mess around, causing you to splashed with the cold liquid. You continued to strip off all your clothes, eventually just having the blouse and your undergarments left.
“Pervert,” you hissed as you heard sounds coming from your balcony. Growling, you turned to face away from the balcony, hugging yourself with your arms to keep warm. He chuckles as he strolls calmly into your room.
“Good evening, princess. May I join you?” Turning your head, you glare at him from over your shoulder.
“If you mean to join me by taking your clothes off, I’d rather you not. What do you want, Phantom?” you asked warily, wondering why he would visit you moments before
:iconreinakitty274:ReinaKitty274 135 20
Persona 5 – Phantom x Reader
“Is my princess feeling down today?” You glanced at the owner of the voice as you wiped away your tears. Footsteps echoed in the silent room as he steps down from the window and approaches you. A gloved hand reaches out to caress your tear-stained cheek. “You look better with a smile.”
“I’m not in the mood for more of your flirting, Phantom,” you sighed as you turned away from him, pushing his hand away from you. “I’m tired of putting up with all this crap.”
“Did something go wrong with the surgery?” he dared to ask, hoping he didn’t touch too sore of a subject. You merely nod as you cast your gaze to the floor.
“My mother died because of a mistake that surgeon made. He didn’t even say sorry, just stating that he was going to give money in return for my loss! ‘I did my best, so I have nothing to regret,’ and, ‘Try not to
:iconreinakitty274:ReinaKitty274 95 2
Persona 5 – Phantom x Reader
Kurusu stares at his beloved as his slate gray eyes admired you from a considerable distance. You would, every once in a while, take notice of his intense gazing at you before quickly going back to your book. However, your lover didn’t take too kindly to such a reaction. The lack of affection from you made him antsy and even made him crave for it.
Soon, it came to the point where he wouldn’t mind just feeling your warmth on him. Your eyes widened when you felt his arms wrap around your waist and pulled you onto his lap. The noiret’s hair tickled your cheek as he buries his face in the crook of your neck.
“What’s wrong, Akira?” you asked him as you shifted uncomfortably. You could feel small vibrations as he hums against your skin. “It’s not every day you try and do something like this.”
“I don’t, but today, I simply want to love,” he mumbled. You smiled at how cute h
:iconreinakitty274:ReinaKitty274 118 6



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