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You Draw?!
"Hey Jinxx!" You call.
"Hey baby doll! Wassup?"
"Uh. Not much. You?" You ask, walking down the stairs.
"Recording is a bitch. Ash is coming by later to get you. Has some kind of date planned." He stated. You smiled. Ash was a sweetheart. You get some paper and charcoal and sit down at the bar, scribbling Jinxx's face. Once you had got the base down, you added some detail, then the make up. You pulled your iPod out and put in your ear buds in, blocking everything else out. You start putting more detail on his hair, getting the style right.
"You're drawing me?" Jinxx asked. You nodded, shading the side of his face. He watched you intently-you were always the artist. Always putting drawings on the walls of your room. Always asking for colored pencils and charcoal and paint. Nothing ever stopped you. When you were nine, your parents had taken the paper away from you, you never stopped, so you painted a beautiful mural on one whole wall, taking you 2 weeks. It was amazing to Jinxx, how you
:iconhudsonwinchester:Hudsonwinchester 85 7
Cramps CC x Transgender!Reader
You walked along the sidewalk, trailing your fingers along the fence. You hummed with content. CC had asked you to hang out today, so obviously, you said yes. Okay, he bribed you with beer, but still. The only thing that worried you was your crippling cramps. You got really bad period cramps, but being a stealth transgender, you couldn't tell anyone. Well, one person knew. Jinxx, but he was your brother, so you couldn't really help that. But he hadn't told the rest of the guys, so you were set. You froze on the sidewalk, clutching your lower stomach, groaning in pain. After a few moments, the initial pain passed, and you kept walking, groaning slightly. When you got to his house, you knocked on the door and waited as you heard shuffling around the house. You grabbed your stomach one last time before the door opened.
"Yo! (guys name)! You're here!" His face showed a bright smile as you stepped into the slightly dirty house. Forcing a smile, you spoke.
"Of course I'm here! Why w
:iconhudsonwinchester:Hudsonwinchester 10 12
Helping His Ego (Draco x Seme! M! Reader)
I'm sitting in the common room and Draco is pacing around in front of me ranting about something stupid and probably Potter related. I'm really not paying any attention. I'm more concerned with how nice Draco's bottom looks in those pants.
"(Name) are you even listening to me?" Draco growls. He's standing in front of me with his hands on his hips.
"No, not really. Something about the 'Insufferable Harry Potter'?" I raise a brow at him.
"Ugh, it's like you don't even know who you're talking to. I'm Draco Malfoy! There are tons of other kids who would be honored to talk to me. Who beg me to notice them. But I chose you, you should be honored." He gets real close and glares with his arms crossed.
I smile sweetly at him and peck his lips. He scoffs and rolls his eyes.
"That's not going to work this time."
I stand up. Walking toward him until he backs up into the wall. I grab his chin and he glares up at me.
"You're cute when you're angry. Did you know that?"
"Stop it." He growls and pulls
:iconxxxgoawaynowxxx:XxxGoAwayNowxxX 314 15
You're My Boyfriend. (Draco Malfoy x M!Reader)
I was sitting in the Slytherin commons. While there was an open textbook in my lap, I was not actually studying herbology. I took long glances at Draco Malfoy as he joked with his friends, trying my best to be as subtle as possible.
I blushed harshly as I watched the way Malfoy's nose crinkled when he laughed. I looked away, trying to learn something from the book sitting in front of me. I looked at the picture on the page for a solid minute before I gave up and went to steal a glance at Malfoy. When I looked up we lock eyes for the briefest of moments. I looked back down immediately.
I sighed at the textbook and plop my chin in my hand. I glared down at the textbook with scorn. If herbology wasn’t so boring, I wouldn’t have been caught staring. I finally huffed and tossed the textbook on the table in front of me. I grabbed my potions book and glanced lazily through the pages.
My best friend/roommate has been quite annoying as of late. Ever since he found out about my crush
:iconxxxgoawaynowxxx:XxxGoAwayNowxxX 59 3
Black Veil Brides x Coma! reader
You walk down stairs in yoga pants and a tank top.
"CC? You up?" You call.
"We're in the living room!" You hear your brother call back.
"We're?" Your ask yourself as you walk in and see his band. "Oh. Alright. Hello. I'm (Y/N) Coma. You probably knew that though. Hold that thought." You say as you walk out. They all looked at each other, while CC said
"Give her a sec. She just got up. She's getting food."
You came back in a few minutes later with a bowl of cereal. "Ok. Questions. Go."
"How old are you?" You turn your head. Andy your mind fills.
"23, Mr. Biersack. Next"
"How did you know his name?" You turn your head. Jinxx
"I have a talent, Jinxx"
"What sort of talent?" Ashley
"well, Ashley, you could say it's a talent for filing in blanks that no one else sees." You look at your brother, who is smiling.
"Did you teach yourself or..."   Jake
"I taught myself, Jake"
"I have a genius for a sister." He says.
"I'm not a genius. I'm not smart, CC. I d
:iconhudsonwinchester:Hudsonwinchester 111 51
BVB x Deaf!Reader
You walk along the sidewalk, watching people go by. You see someone stop and look, but you brush them off. You stop on an empty board walk, looking around. You sign to yourself. "I miss you mom" a tear falls down your face, remembering the times you had with her. You turn on your heels, when you bump into someone. You look up, seeing his lips move.
"I'm Andy. I saw you earlier, I wanted to know why you didn't turn around" you made out. You grab a pen and pad of paper from your back pack.
"I'm sorry if you were trying to get my attention. I'm deaf. I'm (Y/N). I can read lips though, Andy" you let him read it. You saw his hands sign back.
"I'm so sorry. I didn't know" you stare at him.
"You sign?" You ask confused.
"Yeah. Jinxx's friend is deaf." He smiled. [Andy. Jinxx.] Your brain clicks.
"Oh! Nice. I love your music" you smile.
"You listen to it?" His face drops, realizing how that sounds.
"Yeah. It's a tactical thing."
"Oh. Do you want to come to the concert? It's in 2 hours"
:iconhudsonwinchester:Hudsonwinchester 87 12
Mature content
Outlawed - Ashley Purdy Smut :iconrenaphernelia:Renaphernelia 61 23
Mature content
Ronnie Radke x F!Reader Smut C: :iconmoonlover4ever:moonlover4ever 34 1
Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler X Reader {Soulmate!AU
Soulmate AU where the world is black and white until you make eye contact with your soulmate
"But N/nnnn..... Pleaseeeee... A month is all I ask. I know you've been struggling with your powers, and they can help you. I'll be there too." Your friend pleaded over the phone.
"No, Jubilee. I'm not going." You huffed.
"Look, you're upset you haven't found your soulmate. But you'll find him in time." It was evident Jubilee was annoyed at your stubbornness.
"It's not that... Okay it is... but seriously, out of all the things, I'm color blind! I can't tell the different between red and blue! I don't even know what green looks like!" You rose your voice slightly to get your point across.
"So... Maybe he's at the school. I know a boy with the same power as yours, and he's adorable. What if it's him!" You were silent for a few moments, contemplating wether or not to go. You huffed loudly.
"Fine. But one month. Just one."
"Yes! I promise you won't regret it!"
:iconelvishdancer:Elvishdancer 43 6
Nightcrawler X Reader:Breakout
Nightcrawler x Reader: Breakout
Beep! Beep! Beep!
'Alarms,'you thought,slamming the top of your digital watch. 'Who invented them?' You wanted to stay in bed for about five more minutes,considering you were practically nocturnal the whole summer,but today was your first day at Bayville High. You didn't want to miss out just because you had a big,lazy butt.
After you got ready,you rode your bike to school, it was an old bike, but it worked pretty
well...most of the time. You normally had to change the air in the wheels,but you had absolutely no time. Instead,you rode the slow bike in the fast lane (pun intended).
Soon,one wheel exploded. "What a surprise,"you blew some (y/h/c) hair out of your face. You got off the bike,kicked it,then started walking as the clouds gathered. And we ALL knew what that meant:rain. "Even more perfect,"you said,sarcastically.
Suddenly,someone honked a car horn. "Need a ride?,"he asked. He was wearing a grey shirt with jeans and,to your surprise,he wore sungl
:iconjack-frost-fangirl55:Jack-frost-fangirl55 112 19
The Teleporter (QuicksilverxReader) One-Shot
It was just another sunny day in Pietro Maximoff’s small town. The teen had grown bored and decided to go outside for a walk. At least, that’s what he told his mother.
“He’s gonna go stealin’ again and you know it, mom,” Wanda said from her spot on the couch.
Their little sister was braiding Wanda’s hair into small french twists while the twin watched TV. His mother sighed when she walked into the living room.
“Pietro I trust you enough to not cause trouble while you’re out there. But please promise that you won’t bring the cops to our house again?” she asked with pleading eyes.
“Will do, mom,” he grinned before speeding out the door without another word from his family.
He zoomed halfway across town where he stopped by an old deli. With a wicked grin, he ran inside and stole a whole box of twinkies in under two seconds. He left the store before the owner could even blink. Pietro ran off to an alley where he
:iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 696 160
The New Girl (NightcrawlerxReader) One-Shot
“Kurt,” Professor X smiled when the young teenaged mutant walked through the door. “It’s nice to see you. How are your studies going?”
“Good, Professor,” Kurt smiled back.
Professor X kindly asked Kurt to take a seat in front of him. The blue skinned teen complied, smiling nervously. As far as he knew, he hadn’t done anything wrong. Unless someone had told Professor X about all the bad things he had done and gotten away with, Kurt thought that he should be safe from the Professor’s scolding.
“Kurt,” Professor X began. “I would like you to do something for me.”
“What’s that?” he asked curiously.
“We have a new student entering our school. A young girl around your age to be exact.”
Kurt’s eyes widened. He could tell what the Professor was about to ask.
“Oh no, I can’t,” Kurt blurted out, standing up from his seat. “You want me to show her around the sc
:iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 451 109
Carnival (NightcrawlerxReader) OneShot
There was a rapid knock on your door. One that came from someone who was very persistent to keep on knocking until you woke up. You wake up from your deep slumber and trudge on over to your dorm door. When you opened the door, you saw Kurt standing there with a big toothy grin on his face.
"Hey (Name)!" Kurt said with his usual accent. "It's Saturday!"
"Why yes Kurt, it is," you yawned. "And I'd like to spend my Saturday in bed....sleeping."
Kurt's blue cheeks suddenly turned a bright red color from embarrassment. It wasn't too often that you got to see Kurt blush like that but when you did, it was very adorable. You cleared your throat, feeling a bit awkward about the thought that had passed through your mind.
There was no doubt that Kurt was a cutie. A young boy that you wished you could call yours.
"R-Right," he blushed. He tried not to notice your bed head and sleepy face that was too cute in his opinion. "I was just hoping that you and I could go out and have some fun!"
"What kind
:iconphoenixangel7:PhoenixAngel7 355 76
Nightcrawler x reader
Nightcrawler x reader request for Wolvnia
AN: Reader doesn’t know that she’s a mutant at the start and Bobby is there to keep an eye on her.
You groaned as you made your way down the school hallway.  Sometimes you wondered if you were invisible because people kept bumping into you and they hurried off without a word of apology, especially the jocks but they thought everyone was beneath them so you couldn’t really complain.
“Hey (Name).” Your friend, Bobby Drake, called as he weaved his way in and out of people.  You stopped to wait for him to catch up. “Thanks.” He muttered as he walked with you to the next class that the both of you shared.
“How are you?” You asked.
Bobby shrugged, “Okay, I guess aside from the teachers trying to bury us all in homework.”
You laughed a little at that – no matter how sad you felt, Bobby could always make you laugh and for that you were grateful.  In class, your teach
:iconscrougeofares:scrougeofares 392 88
Nightcrawler x Reader Five Times
Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler) x Reader
“Five times the Xmen tried to pair the reader with another Xmen and the one time they realized the pair was already dating.”
AN: I read a fic a long time ago where an OC was Rogue’s older sister and I thought, why not try this out?  Reader is able to manipulate atoms.
Attempt #1
You were being dragged by your younger sister along the corridors of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters as she eagerly searched for the Christmas decorations.  “I know they are here somewhere.” She muttered, as she opened cupboard after cupboard.
You grinned at your sister’s enthusiasm and began to look through cupboards yourself.  A bit later, you found yourself pushed into a room with Kurt.
“Hi.” You said.
“Hello.” He replied with a grin on his face.
“Can you tell me if there is any mistletoe in there (Name)?” Rogue asked innocently and you groaned.
Just as you were about to open
:iconscrougeofares:scrougeofares 426 41
Beautiful~ Pietro Maximoff x Reader
Pietro is a student at the school here. Takes place in the 70's. Mentions other future x-men briefly.
(y/n) your name
"Hey Beautiful" Pietro call, ever so nonchalantly, as was his usual greeting. He had appeared in a flash, just showing up out of no where in the kitchen. You were completely unfazed, almost used to the sudden appearances, after the school year of him flashing around.
"Pietro" You responded, matching his tone, with a quick glance but without you're usual smile.
"Should I ask what you're doing up at 2: 12 in the morning, or should I know better?" He zipped over to your side, taking the stool next to you.
"Just couldn't sleep." You mumble, not meeting his flashing eyes or bright smirk. The dream was too weird to talk about. Not a nightmare, but crazy as hell. Including, but not being limited to, purple and orange dogs, Storm riding Jean the elephant and Pietro himself running around in a tutu af
:iconfallenpine:fallenpine 283 9



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