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Believer - Darth Maul x GrayJedi!Reader
Just as a side note: This is kind of an Alternate Universe situation. This doesn't follow the canon story line of Star Wars!
This is meant to be sometime around Episode I, so keep that in mind.

You paced your room, your hands clasped tightly behind your back as you cursed the Jedi Council. The way they were running things was wrong. Fear was not the only way into the Dark Side and to treat the dark power as a disease made no sense. You had found old records and texts about Gray Jedi, but asking your Master about them for further information resulted in a harsh scolding. She had told you never to mention them again and that Grays was only one of the many ways to turn to the dark side.
You shook your head and came to a conclusion; You'd show them. You'd prove to them that the balance between the light and dark was meant to be an internal struggle and that you would be one of the first to master it. You recalled the moment that you heard about
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Infected Love (Alex Mercer x Infected!Reader) Ch 6
 Ch 6
 I placed Alex down as I watched the rest of the helicopters fly pass us. They were looking for us but couldn't find us. "Keep looking! They're around here somewhere!" I heard someone say.
 I looked down at Alex. "Are you ok?"
 "A bit fine," Alex murmured. I glanced at the wound Cross gave him. "What did he do?"
 "I don't know but I feel weird," Alex said, twitching. "It's like....I don't know. I feel like I'm in pain. I can't open up any of my powers."
 "How bad?"
 "Like I got hit in the face with a rock or something." He held onto his arm tightly, gritting his teeth. His arm pulsed, biting his lip and hissing as the pain increased.
 "Should we go to Dana?" I asked.
 "That would be great but can you carry me?"
 I picked up his arm again and marched over to Dana's. His weight was a bit heavy for me.
 "Geez, Alex," I said. "Ever thought about shedding down a few times?"
 "Well, you would I think I shed a few with all this
:iconskystar54:SkyStar54 54 27
Infected Love (Alex Mercer x Infected!Reader) Ch 5
 Ch 5
 " she your plus one?" Karen asked.
 Karen Parker was Alex's ex-girlfriend. Did I feel weird about it? No...not really. Well, at least not now. She seemed quite odd to me. Maybe it was the whole blonde blue eyed ex-girlfriend who use to date a dark brown/black haired blue/silver eyed guy...cliché really.
 "She umm..." Alex said, not knowing how to explain.
 "I was infected by a person," I said. "It was one of the Infected. It bit me and I just turned into this."
 "Strange," Karen said. "If an Infected bit you, that means you would become one of them. Instead, you're still you but you have powers like Alex. And Alex here...he's also been infected by it but it's more like of an injection..."
 "We'll discuss that later. For now she's just like me, all right? I mean, " Alex said. "Are you done with those samples?"
 "Yes," Karen said. "However, the ones you gave me weren't enough for the research. I believe going inside th
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Infected Love (Alex Mercer x Infected!Reader) Ch 4
 Ok, so pretty much the whole story is going to be your point of view from now on...
 "Ok," Dana said, scrolling through the pages on her computer. "There's a lot of Blackwatch Scientific teams going at Hives. I think one of those people might know McMullen. If they do, you'll be able to get access on how to find him."
 "And he'll give me the information on what happened to me," Alex said. "Sounds like no problem to me."
 "Ok, get to it then," Dana said. "Well...are you bringing her?"
 "Of course I am," Alex said. "She might as well get her answers for this as well. It's not her fault that this virus is consuming everyone and she happens to be caught in the middle with me."
 "You act like I'm not here," I huffed. "We're just teasing," Alex laughed, punching me in the arm. "Ow!"
 "Shoo! Off!" Dana said, swaying her arms at us. "I don't want you guys to start fighting and there be blood on the carpet..."
 We went b
:iconskystar54:SkyStar54 50 7
Infected Love (Alex Mercer x Infected!Reader) Ch 3
 Your p.o.v.
 Alex led me to the rooftop of the apartment. "So, if you're going to be my little helper, then I'm going to have to help you learn to control your powers in case...they spaz out."
 "Spaz out?" I asked. "What do you mean by that? Are you saying that I can't control my powers?"
 "You can," Alex said. "Only...look, when I first got my powers, I didn't know what the heck was going on. First thing, I was...I don't know. Everything was black then I woke up all fuzzy and crazy. I don't know if you were feeling the same way but in case you do, I don't want you harming innocent people. Are we clear on that?"
 I nodded. "Yes sir! Hey, umm, is it lose your memory?"
 Alex shrugged. "I can't remember any of mine. What? You yours too?"
 "I don't know. One thing I remember being on a bus...then it's like...I can't remember what my life was like now. Is it natural?" I sighed and shivered. Ever since that bus accident....I have
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Infected Love (Alex Mercer x InfectedReader) Ch2
 Dana's apartment
 2:34 pm
 Your p.o.v.
 I must of passed out on Alex's back because the next thing I knew, I was on a couch. I slowly opened my eyes to see that I was in an apartment. There were pictures on the walls and a few decors like frames and lamps.
 I yawned and got up from the couch. I was really tired. And sore. My arm was hurting really bad. I looked down at it, glancing at the scar that the monster gave me. It was still there, the same red bite marks. They looked like scratch marks though. Four small dotted holes with pink lines across them. He must of bit down hard and dug down a bit.
 "Oh, you're awake."
 I turned around hastily.
 "I'm right in front of you." I glanced to the voice. In front of me was a girl with red/brown hair, sitting across from me on a red couch. She was wearing a gray jacket with a jean skirt and leggings. Her eyes were ice cold piercing.
 "Who are you?"
 "I'm Dana. You have no worries about me hurti
:iconskystar54:SkyStar54 59 8
Infected Love (Alex Mercer x Reader/Prototype) Ch1
  New York City
 11:00 am
 Your p.o.v.
 It had been a busy day in NYC. I was rushing around, trying to get to my bus. "Oh, I'm so late!" I thundered. This was the third time I've been late. No, probably the fourth now. I was so late all the time, I didn't even know why Derek just keeps letting it slide pass.
 He knew that I always missed the bus when I woke up late. Which was around 11:02...and it only gave me exactly 30 minutes to get my butt up and try to make it to the bus.
 I ran across the street, not caring what color the lights turned. It was New York anyway. Half of the lights would be good while the other half would stink with traffic. I took whatever I can to get there.
 "Bill's really going to fire me today," I sighed. It didn't matter. My friend said there was a new job opening up somewhere in downtown. Some new store were they sold the newest fashion...and it would be better payment than working at some boring office place...listenin
:iconskystar54:SkyStar54 89 13
Darth Maul x Jedi!Reader: Out of Bounds (One-Shot)
You arrived on Mandalore just a short time ago to assist a fellow Jedi, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You, however, were too late. Despite your best efforts, Obi-Wan had already fled the system before you could even announce your arrival. Not wanting to waste the trip, you had your astromech droid drop you off, literally, on one of the highest points of the citadel, cloaked in darkness. Crouched down, remaining still, you breathed steadily. There was more than one Force presence there, and one that was very strong and exceptionally dark when it revealed itself. Still, you could see nothing, but your other senses remained alert; something was happening.
Across the darkened courtyard and up onto the highest of the balconies, appeared a cloaked figure wielding two red lightsabers. A Sith, you thought, and were very sure of, for no one else would bare such a colored weapon. Two additional figures, with their faces unveiled, sprung up on him with a red saber each, the brute of the two slashing aro
:iconivorydragoness44:IvoryDragoness44 53 10
Darth Maul x Reader: Not Morning Yet
You groaned, not knowing why you had woken up at such an hour. The only light that came through the window had a blue tone to it, the sun was so low under the horizon. Then you heard it, a sort of a grunting noise. It happened again after a pause or so, making you question it because of the animalistic sense of it.
Sitting up in bed with a huff, you figured that the likely origin of the noise had something to do with the vacant spot beside you. Combing the hair out of your face with a lazy effort from your fingers, you slide off the bed to find out where and what your tattooed companion was up to.
There, clear as day, though your vision was still sleepily hazy, was Darth Maul. He was performing some sort of upper body exercise, pretty sure that it was a pull-up or a chin-up, in the doorway to the bathroom. Watching his contracting back muscles would have been more on the arousing side, if not for your eyelids drooping shut.
Suddenly, Maul let go of the doorframe, dropping to a squat, s
:iconivorydragoness44:IvoryDragoness44 61 5
Darth Maul x Nightsister!Reader: Child's Play (2)
Still in the spacecraft with Maul, Savage, and their band of Madalorian followers, you occupied yourself in your room as per usual when you wanted nothing to do with either of them. This time, however, you had just began conjuring up a spell to magically enhance a blade-infused staff-like weapon that Maul had brought back for you upon gaining the alliance of the entire Hutt clan.
Eyes closed in strict concentration, you let your hands hover over the long weapon, the movement of your fingers making the fine purple mist dance around the object. Words whispered over your lips as you focused the spell on the weapon, uniting powerful magic into the blade. Though without warning, the door to your room swished open, and with it a towering yellow Zabrak.
“(Y/N)!” Savage called out, entering the space without as much as a knock.
This startled you more than it should have, his gravely voice making you stutter and ramble out a different combination of words.
With little to no notice a
:iconivorydragoness44:IvoryDragoness44 43 3
Darth Maul x Nightsister!Reader: Child's Play
While traveling through neutral space, you rested quietly in your quarters. You and your long-time friend, though he’ll seldom admit it, the former Sith Lord, Darth Maul, and his blood-brother, Savage Opress. As a Nightsister, or rather formerly so, you were strong in every sense of the word, notably making your alliance with the Dathomirian Zabrak all the more reliable. Naturally, you felt an attraction to the red and black tattooed male, how could you not, he checked off just about everything on your metaphorical list of what you seek in a male. However, after escaping the tyrannical rule of Mother Talzin, and a few star systems later, you found yourself with the newly cybernetic, Maul, for whom you hid away your excitement for the sheer fact of seeing him alive. You did pity him for having to be in such a dark solitude for a decade, feeding on nothing but the Dark Side and the determination of having his revenge against the Jedi, Kenobi.
As of now, the two Zabrak and yourself
:iconivorydragoness44:IvoryDragoness44 46 13
Mature content
Darth Maul x Sith!Reader :iconivorydragoness44:IvoryDragoness44 7 8
Could it be love? [IMPORTANT INFO BELOW] by Minerea Could it be love? [IMPORTANT INFO BELOW] :iconminerea:Minerea 2,673 227


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