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My art is blacklisted from the following sites
Whirled (If it was ever put back up)…
Chatlands (any server, even WH if you manage to shade it and post it)
Don't bother asking for permission or uploading my work OR TRACING IT, I'M LOOKING AT YOU WHIRLED COPIES! IF IT WAS MADE FOR YOU IN SPECIFIC, do whatever you want with it BUT DON'T claim it as your art/your base/your animation, Thank you for reading and understanding.

Waiting on:
3 icons from :icontommyboyio:/TommyBoyio
One of Salvador (Blink), one of Nightlight (Bounce), and one of Zero (Bounce)

AND because Nicole and my old "friend" are still try hard thiefs and a petty cheater this will always be up for the public eye. BE WARNED THEY ARE NOT GOOD PEOPLE.… (Nicole)… (Art Thief, AciidFang)
Also PLEASE beware of commissioning NeoDuelism, she's ghost on a sketch commission I requested back on Transformice.. I bought her some stuff she wanted for a sketch piece, I ask how it's going and often she didn't even bother to message me back at any point, I tried giving her an easier reference to see if it's help her out (she said it was okay after I explained I no longer own the old one) but she still proceeded to push my commission aside and take new ones and get them done. After a month and a half I've given her yet another.. easier references and still.. nothing and proceeds to accept other people's commissions and set mine aside (How does a SKETCH that troublesome to you??). I've since given up but I wanted to just leave this here as a "heads up" for other people who decide to commission her.

(I love how she calls herself "God" and yet she tried saying i'm entitled in a comment..)
Quick link to a very good PSA by Astralseed…
and yes, I tagged her after about two months pass to read it. =-=



Pretty much dead on here, if I ever decide I'd like to pick up where I left off, i'm going to be making a new deviantart. This one kinda died after 2 years, then me trying with Flash animations wasn't going any where either especially with Whirled being abandoned by Three Rings. Thank you guys for sticking around so long even though some of you are probably not around.

I may have a Furaffinity if I decide to get more.. professional and get out of the whole .. retardation Deviantart has to offer with both the community (users) being idiots, Artists being idiots, and then some of the staff members being idiots themselves contradicting their own rules (W o w, that's bad ain't it?)

Thank you guys for the "wonderful" 5 years I've spend here.
I knew none of you but you were okay supporters while it lasted.


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Gunnut51 Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
:llama:s X 2:
One for me,
One for you!
SilentAiko Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2018
Seems I've given one earlier :o

Enjoy the llama
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