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[Skywalkers] Updates

By silent-umbra
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Some updates for my friends' baes~
Hnng I want this species to go far ;v;
I still need to finish a lot of things
Let's see if I can do it soon ><"

Skywalker Species Guide:
Skywalker Species Guide 2.0 by silent-umbra

Naythen © M0rning-Coffee 
 © GodofDarkShadows 
Skywalkers & Art © me silent-umbra
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© 2015 - 2021 silent-umbra
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Lomonoky's avatar
Puuuurfecta <3
Graciaaas :3
EnderDrawsEverything's avatar
I wish I could get one, they look so awesome ^^
XSarrilX's avatar
Awsome work - well done..
TurrKoise's avatar
nyehehe hehehehe heheheheheh HAHAHAHA
Mamafluff's avatar
Hnnnnng senpai they're beautiful, is there a way to get one(not these two but of the species x3) Oooor
silent-umbra's avatar
With adopts, customs, MYO's, contests, events... and that xD
Mamafluff's avatar
Oh! OuO okay! (Also aurum makes the best snuggle/listener ever)
ll-Coffee-ll's avatar
You already know what I think, but shut... This Nathen makes me die from his awesomness ;3;
silent-umbra's avatar
He's so damn perfect
ll-Coffee-ll's avatar
Indeed, he is ;3; You just did great job with him ;3;
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