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Hetalia: Language barrier

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Germany, don't trust Prussia when he says that visiting China once makes him an AWESOME sinologist! Plus what is he doing at strip clubs when he is supposed to be working...
I think China would understand, seeing that he has a younger brother especially keen on groping other people's breasts *cough Korea cough*

Inspired by a real event here: link

As a Chinese, I LOL'ed forever when I read it... Germany, how can you publish a journal without knowing what your front cover means XD
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I love how Germany looks when he realized where Prussia went to get that cover
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ConfectionalyYoursStudent Digital Artist
oooh, is just thinking of the one episode in APH that the countries got Christmas presents, and remembering what Germany got...
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whys china say aru after hes done talking? also prussia you jerk face  i love him so much
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ChutsziStudent Digital Artist
'aru' is the Japanese stereotype of the accent Chinese people have when they speak Japanese lol
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o god ..... prussia
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Sash48Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow... Prussia....
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As a German Greek American. I'll forever love this.
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Tori-AoshiroStudent Writer
XD This was sooo awesome!
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CaseyGraceJonesHobbyist Writer
pfff XD
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omg this is wonderful
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they love you rong time
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u should do more of these humor comic strips =p
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lol .. really tryin hard to not wake everyone here .... 
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Can't. Breathe. xD
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NightyAl18Student Traditional Artist
Ffff China's face in the fourth panel XD
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KatzbacHobbyist General Artist trust Prussia a little too much.
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LudwigBeilschmidt6Hobbyist Filmographer
Oh, the stupidity of myself..... I should never have trusted mein Bruder anyways ....
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Shadowlover4444Student Digital Artist
Wait a tick Did prussia go see............... *facepalm* Oh Korea XD
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PastaLover66Student General Artist
That's to be expected XD
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josie1130Student Digital Artist
XD so good!!!
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apatheticGoatHobbyist Digital Artist
.... why do i sware i hear a keseseses in my head.... 0___0 lol
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run Prussia run Germany is gonna kick your ass!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Haha :D So...what did you learn Germany? Do not let Prussia do any of the important work. ;)
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when i got to the panel where he translated i laughed so hard i cried
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