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[Dragonling AU] Nap Time


Kobayashi used headpat.

It’s super effective!

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More dragonling comics please!

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This is too cute for words!
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Can I used your comic for a comic dub please?
Did anything ever happen with that because it sounds absolutely precious ^^
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Can you send me a link please, when it's finished?
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Sorry, for the late reply, but sure! I'd love it
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I don’t know why, but this is super cute
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wait a sec, why is Lucoa all scuffed up?
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She just a Kid.
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can we all agree we want to see more of this?
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TO... MANY.... CUTE!!!!
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I would actually want to know how Kobayashi would look as a dragon.
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Very fun
She is not the only one who is not napping
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Elma has crumbs on her face, did kobayashi feed her a snack before bed? X3
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Aw, that's so cute  <3 
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was it the pat, or was it spending time with Kobayashi that won her over x3
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