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These are the rules for using my stock. They aren't that complicated, so please read them and follow them when using my stock images. Thanks!

- You don't need to ask permission first, but please show me what you've made when you're done! I love to see my stuff used. Plus I will usually fave it, which is more exposure for you, too.
- Please link back to the original image used in the deviation's description.
- Do not re-upload the raw stock image with only color/filtering edits, crops, or claim the original photo as your own.
- Nothing that is sexually objectifying, racist, or discriminatory, or overtly political in nature can be made using my stock
- Not all images in my gallery are stock; double-check that it is categorized as stock before using it!
- You DO NOT need to gain my permission to use my stock outside of dA, but please let me know when & where the image will be used.
- If uploading off of dA, if possible, a link to the original stock photo in the description of the image or a credit to on the image itself would be greatly appreciated.

- If you use my stock in a commission or submit your final work as a print, I ask for donation of a minimum of 10 dA points. That's it, if you're gaining something from my work, please consider the time and effort it took for me to create it. There's a donation poll on my front page.
- You do not need to put a credit on the image itself, but you must credit me in the description and link back to the original image in my dA gallery wherever you upload it.
- Exclusive rights to my stock photos are not for sale, they are for everyone who follows the rules to use!
- Nothing that is sexually objectifying, racist, discriminatory, or overtly political in nature can be made using my stock.
- Not all images in my gallery are stock; double-check that it is categorized as stock before using it!

Concerning Pre-made Backgrounds:
Please don't use my pre-made backgrounds to make other pre-made backgrounds. I don't mind if you want to use my normal stock images to create a pre-made background, however, I do ask that you be reasonable and at least make some decent changes first. Don't just recolor/crop my image and call it your own. All other stock rules must also be followed.


If you use my stock, I'm glad I could provide something you found useful! It takes a bit of work to collect good shots, so I'm really happy when people can make some use of them. If there is anything in particular you'd like to see, I'm certainly willing to listen to suggestions, and I'll do what I can! I'm not a professional photographer and I don't own the best equipment, but I do my best to capture good and useful stock. In light of that, please be respectful of my rules and stock. I love to see what people can do with my stuff, so when you're done, let me know so I can appreciate your art, too!

That's it, and thanks for reading.

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