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Capcom Universe: DevilWorld 9 by Silent-Neutral Capcom Universe: DevilWorld 9 by Silent-Neutral
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Why yes, this is an extremely overdue update on my comic. And the reason for it having taken so long is because of THAT BIKE. Drawing it put me off for so damn long. Seriously, this page is 6 years old now that the pencil lead was hard to erase. So yeah, the bike here is much more accurate than the previous page because I found decent reference images (and even THEY were limited. seriously, no concept art of Lady's magnificent bike!?). Also, while I fretted over her bike (I think it's called Esmeralda, funnily enough), I also found that Uzis don't look like that and much less like Lady's. Sigh. Art-OCD - leave me aloneeeee..

But the good news is...well, because I left these pages for so long, I learned so much and improved so much since the first couple pages, and you can really see the difference in skill (cos back then, I still couldn't grasp layers, heh). Since I like using screen tones for comics much more now (getting the hang of it) I'm glad that I *didn't* continue for so long, otherwise more of this comic would look much less.....clean. and nooby. However, the drawings you see here (and in the next 4-5 pages) are all years old, so hence my drawing style looks old in them. But my editing is what's making this comic look tonnes better XD. I've been contemplating re-doing some of the previous pages for a while now..

Page 10 is simple, so hopefully I can get that one up soon too. But it does still require a lot of editing because DAMN. I could not draw women. (still can't) XD
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zzzett Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
omgomgomgomg- you- continued?! Like- this is, like, so surprising and exciting and nostalgic and-

Oh I'm sorry. Ahem. Be cool z

It's just so refreshing to see these old characters again, and your style... Unnf yes indeed the upgrade is dramatic, even in editing. I agree, maybe it was supposed to be late, for you to get better. You know I'm behind everything you do (stalker of 6 years here) and I'd love to see the continuation, even a re-done version. 

But most of all, I'm just so happy to see you active. :blush:
Silent-Neutral Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
d'awww hahaha YES I actually continued! I've had these pages rotting for years, I really wanted to get them out there.. but not only that, recently I randomly had ideas fly into my head what to add to this whole thing so I wanted to hurry and get to the good bits loool writing dialogue is my only favourite part
It's okay, I'm behind in most areas of life <_< >_>...take that however it means lol. But you being excited makes ME excited X'D! Thank you! I'm going to to be editing the previous pages (just adding tones basically, and fixing up some things) starting with page 2 and then 4...and maybe some of the others, but I think I might need to find and scan them again.
E1L0n3wy Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 8D :powerwoot: :heart:

Yayyyy Updaaaaaaaaaaaaaate >w<  ooh 8D the bike is awesome :love: This was Pencil drawn?? Wow! you do such a good job of editing and clean up! I can't see any hints of pencil... do you hand cut the tones? or are they digital, >w< they look great either way :heart: I love retro tones! 8D

I like it 8D X'D I feel you on the working from old art X'''D ahahha I did that for the first 10 pages of so of my comic... :giggle:

:dance: Keep it up :w00t: :heart: >w< I've been curious about where this comic was going for a lonnng time :giggle: ehheheh >w<
Silent-Neutral Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
well, sketched and then inked :P But I was too lazy to erase the pencil and left it for years so it kinda stained the paper lol. Maybe I should show the raw scan of the page some time...they're horrendously messy and uneven. But it's so much easier and quicker for me to edit in photoshop.. I try to halve the traditional with the digital and yes, those are digital screentones lol - i have no money or patience to use traditional tones! it would take another 6 years for me to do! lol. thanks, glad you like my comic lol, I really want to get more done..
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