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''Let's Hang''

I've had this idea in my head from the moment I first saw this scene with Klara in Pokemon Sword, so I decided to finally draw it. :XD: 

Incidentally, I really liked how Klara turned out in the first panel while making this comic, so I saved the image to post as a separate deviation in itself, which can be found here;

Drawn in MediBang!Paint.


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Klara, no! Just because your chances of being in the anime are really low doesn't mean you have to go THAT far!
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Oh? Are Galar characters not appearing in the new season of the Pokemon anime? I haven't watched it since the Johto era, so I don't know much about what does or doesn't happen in the anime's canon anymore.
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It's a lot less about S&S and a lot more about GO, with little Galar elements in favor of going all over the world (it's even worse than it sounds).
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Ah, I see. I can't say I'm surprised, though. Part of why I had stopped watching the Pokemon anime so long ago is because of how badly it constantly disregards the games' canon;

Major characters from the games are often given only minor cameos, if even that much, whereas anime-original characters with no in-game counterpart are shoehorned into major roles for no apparent reason. Why, Geovani and Ash are always kept oblivious to the other's existence (or at least they were at the point where I stopped watching, anyway. I wouldn't know if they ever met eventually in any of the later seasons or not) and the former is pretty much only ever acknowledged by the Rocket Trio, which doesn't exactly make him feel like much of an arch-nemesis at all...

I would much rather an anime-adaptation that actually follows the story of the games it's supposed to be based on and expands upon it, but the Pokemon anime instead prefers to just toss aside the source material and rewrite everything entirely. To me, the whole show just felt more like an out-of-character fanfiction that somehow managed to get an official license to be aired. But that's just my opinion.
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You try out the Diamond & Pearl years. They were close to the games' story, and made great use of the Gen 4/Sinnoh characters (and even folks form other games). 
On a somewhat related note, the Sun & Moon era had a LOT of Alola characters appear and help out. 

And, of course, the various AU specials and shorts.