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About Varied / Hobbyist Jayden Vold21/Female/United States Groups :iconcrazycreepypastafans: CRAZYCreepypastafans
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I'm back omg the notifications by Silent-Ivy I'm back omg the notifications :iconsilent-ivy:Silent-Ivy 2 5 Ashley - OC Normal by Silent-Ivy Ashley - OC Normal :iconsilent-ivy:Silent-Ivy 5 0 Ticci Toby by Silent-Ivy Ticci Toby :iconsilent-ivy:Silent-Ivy 5 0 I don't even know anymore... by Silent-Ivy I don't even know anymore... :iconsilent-ivy:Silent-Ivy 3 0 Toxic Ash - OC by Silent-Ivy Toxic Ash - OC :iconsilent-ivy:Silent-Ivy 3 0 Sally makes Slendy pretty  by Silent-Ivy Sally makes Slendy pretty :iconsilent-ivy:Silent-Ivy 3 2 Use the folders! by Silent-Ivy Use the folders! :iconsilent-ivy:Silent-Ivy 2 0
Sleepy Nights. Jeff the Killer X Reader (One Shot)
       It was near midnight, and you couldn’t be any less tired. You spent the entire night on your computer, reading fanfics. Every night you read a fan fiction on one person. You read about the Jeff the Killer.
       The story you read had chilled you to the bone, with the main character dying at the end, which disappointed you, because you always seemed to like the ones where they live and fall in love~
       You knew you would have trouble sleeping tonight… You’ve always been a scaredy cat.
       Jeff has always been your favorite. In your opinion, he’s beautiful. You’re embarrassed to admit that you’ve daydreamed of kissing him. Of being with him. You know it’s dumb, but you’ve always secretly wished he was real, and that he would love you.
       You sigh, pushing your laptop aside, and standing up. You stretch and crack your back.
:iconsilent-ivy:Silent-Ivy 3 15
Us Against the World. A Ticci Toby Love Story (02)
       “So, how are you planning on getting us out now?” A good half hour has passed, and we had searched the entire room, looking for some kind of weapon we could use, or something to break us out. There was nothing.
       Toby turns away, pressing his fingernails into the cracked brick wall, attempting to pull a brick out. “Well, I was k-kinda planning on this t-to work, but there’s nothing we c-can use,” He continues scratching at the wall, and I walk over to join him. He doesn’t seem to notice his fingertips growing redder and redder, and I gasp, yanking his hands away. I cradle them in my own, studying the damage done.
       “You dumbass, your fingers are scraped and bloody, didn’t you feel that?” I rip off a small piece of my sweater, pressing the purple fabric onto his hands. I cringe at the torn fingernail. I carefully wrap the middle finger, careful not to distur
:iconsilent-ivy:Silent-Ivy 4 0
Child! BEN Drowned X Reader (08)
       Jeff’s POV
       I can’t believe she spit in my eyes. That girl’s got nerve. I look down at my hands, seeing them blood soaked. I usually am covered in blood, but I don’t know where this came from. I look down, and see a few drops of blood, leading out of the living room. I grin. She reopened that wound EJ gave her… Of course, I saw the whole thing, I was watching from the window… Yeah yeah I’m a creeper.
       I also now know that her name’s (Y/N), and Toby quite obviously is crushing on her. I just can imagine how that would go once BEN’s returned to his normal age. He’ll probably try to claim what’s his, and they’ll fight, and she’ll end up dying. It’s happened before. Toby’s always stealing BEN’s girls, even if it’s just for a night. BEN has only had one long lasting girl, and he killed her on accident. They were
:iconsilent-ivy:Silent-Ivy 5 0
Ashley (Ash) - Creepypasta OC by Silent-Ivy Ashley (Ash) - Creepypasta OC :iconsilent-ivy:Silent-Ivy 4 27
Us Against the World. A Ticci Toby Love Story (01)
A/N: There's some mature content, but I'm not sure if it's bad enough for the mature content filter. What do you think?
       “Prisoner 137!” The woman calls, unlocking the gate with a key. She hands me off to another guard, along with a stack of paperwork, I snarl at the new guard, in a hope to be intimidating. He’s not impressed. Of course, I can’t do anything, I’m trapped in this darned straight jacket. I whip around, attempting to break his grip, but he is unfazed. I growl in frustration. I’m walked, or more like dragged, toward a large metal door. He puts the paperwork on the floor, and unlocks the door, pushing it open. The man undoes my straight jacket, and shoves me into the room. He grins.
       “Oi! Toby! Got company! Be a gentleman,” He calls out, a smirk on his face. He closes the door behind him, and I peer into the dark room, looking for this Toby fellow. A shuffling sound comes from
:iconsilent-ivy:Silent-Ivy 2 0
That was for me!!! by Silent-Ivy That was for me!!! :iconsilent-ivy:Silent-Ivy 3 6 Uh... Yeah. by Silent-Ivy Uh... Yeah. :iconsilent-ivy:Silent-Ivy 1 20 Look at me. Giving relationship advice to a robot. by Silent-Ivy Look at me. Giving relationship advice to a robot. :iconsilent-ivy:Silent-Ivy 1 2 *Sighs* Thanks BEN... by Silent-Ivy *Sighs* Thanks BEN... :iconsilent-ivy:Silent-Ivy 3 0


My Prince~ by DarkKittyOwO My Prince~ :icondarkkittyowo:DarkKittyOwO 30 1 (Creepypasta oc) Candy boy-Ref by 4xmembersxcps (Creepypasta oc) Candy boy-Ref :icon4xmembersxcps:4xmembersxcps 17 25
Stay-Jeff the Killer X Reader-CH.1
Jeff the Killer X Reader
Chapter 1
A.N.: (y/n)= your name, (e/c)=eye color, (h/l)=hair length, (h/c)=hair color, (f/c)=favorite color, (y/h)=your hometown, and your 16, only thing I'm really choosing about you XD. Hope you all enjoy the first part of my Jeff the Killer X Reader story, Stay! :D
I got this idea from playing the game 'Illusion: Ghost Killer' which, if any of you  know, is a Jeff the Killer game where your in what seems like an old, abandoned (SCARY) factory and you have to walk around (YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE THERE) and place cameras in these red circles that are randomly around the place (AND ITS HUGE)! So yeah, it made me think of what my character Alex would do then this popped up and I decided to do a reader insert for ya'll fan girls of this infamous killer! ;3 So yeah, ENJOY!!!
"Come on guys, stop being such wimps!" Your best friend, Terra, yelled at you and your other friend Sam. You all three stood in her room, discussing your plans for that day to its ni
:iconx-saviour-x:X-Saviour-X 1,538 627
Doodle by ijustwannahavefunn Doodle :iconijustwannahavefunn:ijustwannahavefunn 467 16 me? im tight as FUCK by nemuiie me? im tight as FUCK :iconnemuiie:nemuiie 406 26 Meme King. by scaredycatDraws Meme King. :iconscaredycatdraws:scaredycatDraws 285 1,262 |BEN Drowned Fanart| Viral |+SPEEDPAINT| by 0ktavian |BEN Drowned Fanart| Viral |+SPEEDPAINT| :icon0ktavian:0ktavian 1,057 54 snip snip snip by taugeeee snip snip snip :icontaugeeee:taugeeee 143 10 Family Photo Take Two by scaredycatDraws Family Photo Take Two :iconscaredycatdraws:scaredycatDraws 236 22
Emotionless Part 4 (BEN Drowned X VIRUS!Reader)
You looked to the male that said your voice. He wore a yellowish-tan jacket, blue jeans and black converse and had his face covered with a white mask that had femine lips painted on it. Though the holes where the eyes were made it difficult to see, you noticed he had green eyes and he had brown hair sticking out from behind the mask.
"Wait... Masky, you know her?" BEN asked.
"Yes, I know her," the man said quickly, jerking the mask off his face to show it to you. You now recognized him. He was your friend, Tim.
"Hello Tim." You said simply.
The bright smile that was on his face dropped, "(f/n)... Are you okay?" He walked over to you and put his hands on your shoulders.
"I'm fine." You said. He gave a look of disbelief and you looked to BEN. "Can you fill him in on my situation?"
Tim looked to BEN frantically. BEN's eyes got wide and he shrugged, "Uh.. Sure." He cleared his throat. "(f/n) is now the most dangerous virus in the world that can affect all computers and phones and shit and
:iconmzuriximane:MzurixImane 8 1
Jeffrey Woods by Kiramera Jeffrey Woods :iconkiramera:Kiramera 52 10
More 'bout Val!
hey everyone! this journal entry is bout Val! :name:Valentine,Aster,Hastune. :Age:18 :likes:cookies,reading,playing "tag" with the cops,Lilly,Alex,Masky. :hates: "Evie" the F.B.I. :friends:Masky,Toby,Jeff, *other creepypastas X3 *  :love intrest:Masky~ :Best friends:Leo,Diana,splendor,slendy~ :her backstory: When Val was little her parents drank alot, they drank a whole lot on weekends, witch ended up in her getting abused, *child abuse* so. she packed her bags, but! thats not all. when her parents were out cold, she burnt the house down, with them in it. she sat there, in the woods, lessoning to them screaming. she loved it, hearing them get what they deserved, after the "show" was over. she wandered deeper, and Deeper into the woods, she had heard storys of this so called "slenderman" and didn't really care if she died to him, she wasn't afraid of him, after years of getting beatin she felt no emotion, she didn't know what "happyness" was, all she knew of, was, Hatred,anger, and
:iconaouatheskeleton:Aouatheskeleton 1 11
Ask Jeff the Killer [OPEN] by Sairenko Ask Jeff the Killer [OPEN] :iconsairenko:Sairenko 30 29 ~ASK/DARE~ Answer 2 by Hekkoto ~ASK/DARE~ Answer 2 :iconhekkoto:Hekkoto 75 74 .:Creepypasta OC Ask:. by AtomicStats .:Creepypasta OC Ask:. :iconatomicstats:AtomicStats 58 22 Yulia: Ask what it is _ CLOSE by Mytalkingangela Yulia: Ask what it is _ CLOSE :iconmytalkingangela:Mytalkingangela 11 8


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Jayden Vold
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
My name is Jayden, and I'm 14.

I am Bisexual.

I am a cosplayer, I cosplay Creepypasta Characters, HMU for my

I enjoy Creepypasta, Writing, Singing, Gymnastics, Cosplaying, and I hope to make the best of my writing skills to give you all some good fanfics, and... Yeah.

Deviant family: Who wants to be part of my deviant family???

Mom: SparkingGlitch

Dad: DiscordedMagic

Big bro:

Little bro:

Big sis: Swizzlez

Little sis: OpalAuthor13


Son: GR1M-GR1NNING-GH0STS xD (Who's the father? We'll never know...)

(Comment what you want to be, if you want to be in my Deviant Family)


Normal girls want to marry Princes, we want to marry killers

Normal girls play dress up, we cosplay

Normal girls wouldn't ever go into the woods at night, we go searching for Slenderman

Normal girls freak out over a broken nail, we freak out over a broken knife

Normal girls ask why did you do that, we say you shouldn't have done that

Normal girls say go to hell, we say go to sleep

Normal girls say Link, we say BEN Drowned

Normal girls think Jeff is ugly, we think he's beautiful

Normal girls say go die in a hole, we say you've met with a terrible fate

Normal girls fangirl over boy bands, we fangirl over psycho killers

Normal girls play 'Just Dance', we play 'Majora's Mask'

Normal girls put on lipstick for a beautiful smile, we carve one





NORMAL PEOPLE: Scream HELP when being chased


NORMAL PEOPLE: Just turn of the game if it glitches

CREEPYPASTA FANS: tell BEN to stop f*cking around with the game

Repost if you're a REAL Creepypasta fan!!!


Ahem- uhm so I haven't been on lately, and I doubt I will be, so... If anyone wants to,contact me, it can be done by going to my Quotev account, SilentIvy

I'm so sorry for leaving I just don't have very good access to this app and if I'm being frank I have lost interest in it
I'm back omg the notifications
I have not been on this app in maybe 3 or 4 months... IN WHAT WORLD SHOULD SOMEONE EVER HAVE THIS MANY NOTIFICATIONS??? This is gonna take forever to sort through...
Got my phone back! For now... Posted some stuff. Go check it out.
Ashley - OC Normal
Here's Ashley when she's not on a mission and in proxy mode.
Ticci Toby
Yeah here's Toby. I liked the turnout of this one
<da:thumb id="745092180"/>

Check it out!



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