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Silent Hill by Caciano-Alison
a day out by punkprincess898

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Silent Hill - Doll by ChuChucolate
Silent Hill 1
Insomnia || Harry MasonAvailable on Wattpad // AO3// TumblrWarnings: NoneHarry stared at the illuminated computer screen, unsure how to finish the chapter. Whenever he had bad days, Harry had always found peace when it came to writing. It was a healthy coping mechanism for him to turn to. However, when it to came to writing his own works, it was different. Lately, he’s been struggling to obtain new ideas for his upcoming book. It’s been nearly 10 minutes since he’s touched the keyboard.Two soft knocks had pulled him from his frustrated work. Harry glanced over at the clock on his wall, reading after 10:00 at night.“Harry. I brought you some tea.” You opened the door to his small office.And there he was. Bags under his eyes from the restless nights he had from the past week and his brown hair had became a mess. You could tell he hasn’t taken any care of himself at all.You saw how much he had changed after returning from Silent Hill; with a new child and a cult that was searching for him. It had significantly put a strain on him.Poor thing.You set the mug of hot tea in front of him. “I haven’t seen you since this afternoon, so I just wanted to come check up on how things have been.”Harry leans back in his chair, removing his reading glasses to attempt to wipe the tiredness from his face. “Not good.” He sighs. “I haven’t been able to finish chapter 6 for the past hour.” He sits back up to take a sip from the tea. The taste of honey lavender soothed him.“How about you come on to bed? You’ve been in here for hours.” You suggest.“I wish I could, but I’ve got to get this done. At least another hour?”“Nope. No can do.” You shook your head. “And besides, you haven’t been yourself.”“I’m really sorry that I haven’t been giving you much attention lately.” His tired eyes glances over to where you hand rested on his shoulder. “I’ve been such a nervous wreck. I’m scared that the cult is out there looking for me.” His voice slightly trembled.You frowned watching your lover wiping the oncoming tears with the sleeve of his sweater. “I’ve just been so paranoid.”“Harry…” With one hand, you gently lifted the side of his face to look up at you. It broke your heart seeing him in such a bad state.“There’s no need to worry. They’re far from where we are. They can’t get us. We’re safe.” You gave him a reassured smile. “Promise me that you’ll be in bed in 15 minutes?”More tears rolled down his faded stubble beard. “I promise.” He croaked.“Come here.” You outstretched your arms to welcome him in your embrace. He immediately takes up your offer, taking no time to wrap his arms around you and breaking down into tears.Nothing but choked sobs came out of him. He held on to you as if it was the last time you’ll see him.Not knowing what words you could muster up to calm him, you continued to hold him for awhile, running a hand up and down his back to relax his trembling figure.“You know none of this is your fault, right? You didn’t know what was gonna happen.”He slightly nodded in response. “I know. It’s just that…I don’t want them to take you away from me. You’re all that I have left.” He softly whimpered.You pulled away from the tight embrace to caress his face. “I promise you, that nothing will happen to me.” You wiped the stained tears from his face. “I love you Harry and no matter what happens, I’ll still always be here with you.” You tilt his head downward to plant a kiss on his forehead. “How about you go get ready for bed now?” You flashed a soft smile.Returning a teary smile, he nodded.
Harry mason by herobrinegirlita
Custom Figurine Cybil Bennett - Silent Hill 1 1999 by Radik80
Puppet Nurse and Puppet Doctor (Silent Hill 1) by PlsGoot
Silent Hill 2
Silent hill 2 by herobrinegirlita
Born from a Wish by dzetaWMDunion
Silent hill comic (8/10) by herobrinegirlita
Silent hill comic (7/10) by herobrinegirlita
Silent Hill 3
Closer skipping steps by IVectorSI
killing monsters 2/2 by IVectorSI
killing monsters 1/2 by IVectorSI
Heather mason fanart by herobrinegirlita
Silent Hill 4
Silent Hill 4: The Room (Isometric) by CrimsonsCreations
Cynthia Velasquez - It's Just a Dream Right? by SketchMeNot-Art
Twin Victims by Nevther
21121 by AMlBA
Silent Hill Homecoming
Silent Hill Homecoming - Return to the nightmare by MartinRedfield
Scarlet by NateNighthiker
Bad Protector by MyLittlePonyMix13
Waiting for Alex. by CringeMaster88
Silent Hill Shattered Memories
Silent Hill Shattered Memories: Raw Shock Pop Art by gilamasan
Cybil by pamlaisly232
Dahlia Mason by pamlaisly232
ice-world raw shocks by Weird-eye
Silent Hill Movies
Pyramid Head Commission by Goldtingle
Reaper by Miamipeaches
Pyramid Head - Silent Hill by R7artist
Silent hill Nurse by DiegoE05
Silent Hill 2 Cosplay - Maria is waiting for you~ by SovietMentality
Silent Hill 2 - Resting Maria~ by SovietMentality
Maria - Silent hill 2 by KuroiZetsubo
Maria - Silent hill 2 by KuroiZetsubo
Silent Hills 2014
Moan-A-Lisa by Psykhophear
Silent Hill Downpour
ph p.| by krigistamine
Pyramid head fanart by herobrinegirlita
Fan Created SH
ROBOTWARs Mystery of Tashiro Part 76 by FRIEND711
Other SH games
Halo Of The Sun Painting by CrimsonsCreations





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