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Slytherin Wallpaper

Wallpaper with slytherin house colors.

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I really enjoy this picture, I was wondering if I could use it, I will credit you of course, I just want something to put my pen name on and being a Slytherin I thought this was perfect! =]
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And this is now my desktop background. XD Love it!
Falkuse's avatar
I borrowed your image for this, hope its ok :)

hp1dprincessbelle's avatar
very awesome you are at it.
GreenWumboAndHam's avatar
Hey, just wanna let you know I'm using your background for a science powerpoint. It's on snakes. Love it. :meow:
DaynahChaos's avatar
i've used your back ground on my tumblr here: [link]

it looks amazing and i love it! i hope you don't mind!
laipodx's avatar
Hi... love this... I might as well you this as a background :P and you have pottermore?? if so add me,username: MoonPixie12482
chistie-belle's avatar
not a slytherin a l hufflepuff
chistie-belle's avatar
chistie-belle's avatar
mine house is slytherin
Draco-McWherter's avatar
With your permission, I'd like to make this into one of Googles new themes. ^^ Mostly for my personal use, but if someone does find it in the search, It will have you credited and a link following it back to here.
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It looks really, really great. Totally going to use for my tumblr Slytherin page. Hope you don't mind.
xnauticalstar's avatar
Awesome thank you!
lilarcher's avatar
Can I just use this as the background on my laptop? :D
DawnsFallen's avatar
i i used your wall paper here on my tumblr: [link]
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cryn1339's avatar
I found this through google images but I hop you like it [link]
FishyAltari's avatar
I used your background here [link]
:heart: Thank you soo much :heart:
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