Keep Moving

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Keep Moving
by: me

I woke up this morning
From a recurring dream
Feeling empty, so empty
I know I had the right stuff
But somehow, deep inside
This is not enough

I walked down the park
Vivid or vague memories
Like a song that was set
Repeatedly play in my head
I still remember the days we had
The fun and excitement all in the past

To move forward was hard at first
For me, it was eternity
Struggling and fighting, I must
Seize the present reality
Forget yesterday's saddness
Bring tomorrow's happiness

No longer am I going to hide in the dark
All my worries and emptiness crushed
Flying with the summer breeze, I feel
Stepping on my own, I won't be afraid
Cause I know you'll be there
Cause I know you'd be there
oh i was inspired by the movie theme of Card Captor Sakura "It's my life" and Inuyasha's Ending theme "My Will"..

it's kinda a song or a lyric for me..but's a poem all the same :D

so enjoy
© 2005 - 2021 silent-aino
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i likes your poetry. much prettifulness and such

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Achuchuchu!:D Inspired ka ata ngayon...:D Ok siya. Kaso d ko lam bakit medyo kulang yung impact para sa akin.:D Hindi bale. Makukuha mu rin yung sarili mong style.:D You're getting there.:D
silent-aino's avatar
:w00t: pala..hay.. anu ba tlga?! ang emoticon na "woot"

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d ko lam eh... hahahhaha:D
silent-aino's avatar
anu itong kinoment ko? :D
ndi ku maalala.. ^^;
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crossing all my fingers and toes! sana.. sana.. :D but then hey thanks!! haha

lam mu ba minsan sa pagligo ku dami idea lalabas, tpus pag step out ku..naku..wala.. hay..dapat may maginvent ng shower while you type haha

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hahahah!! sa cr ka nlng magsulat!XD
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i'd wish! kyahahha..anu un habang nag ____ ba?! :XD:
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Beautiful cadence.
This is written extremely well.
Very nice. =)

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gee thanks! :wOOt: very much appreciated
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