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An Ode For Cruelty

"Love's the funeral of hearts
And an ode for cruelty
When angels cry blood
On flowers of evil in bloom"

-"The Funeral Of Hearts" by 

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This whole idea has been sitting in my brain for months now, if not a couple of years. The idea stayed the same, the outcome, however, totally not what i had in mind. But i really felt like doing something quite different from my usual photorealism and go for something more abstract and minimal. It has influences of so many things...Old master paintings, modern master paintings, church icons, some photographers, some fellow artists,  i don't think i'd be able to name everything. The idea came out of HIM's "The Funeral Of Hearts" hence the imagery. It's a tiny bit mixed up with "The Sacrament" too, but the lyrics of the earlier is what this image is talking with. The song itself is so nostalgic to me, and is quite cold and wintery, but that old school warmth of the music is what probably called for the colours in this. But they can also speak of pain, tears, Yeah, it's a huge homage to those days when i found the darker side of the music world, which i still love dearly today. 
Also title is subject to change, probably,  lol, cuz i cannot decide on it. 

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Wesley-Souza's avatar
WOW Really amazing :clap:
SilenceInSilver's avatar
Thank you, Wesley~~
SummerDreams-Art's avatar
What an exquisitely beautiful piece of art, love the grungy textured effect which gives off a vintage vibe to the whole piece! :love:
SilenceInSilver's avatar
I wanted it have that oil painting on canvas effect, so i went with some textures. It worked pretty nice :D 
Thanks for the comment!
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mysticmoon01's avatar
Is it wrong to say that this piece have already given me an idea what to draw next? Cause it has!
SilenceInSilver's avatar
I see nothing wrong with that. Art inspires art :)
AledJonesDigitalArt's avatar
No problem, and you're always welcome :)
GwenLouisa's avatar

This is amazing. I really love it ❤

SilenceInSilver's avatar
I'm glad you do!! Thank you!
SecretDarTiste's avatar
Great work you did here. It indeed reflects the passage of the song... Really dark... It's like love hurts like hell (and sometimes it does hehe). Well done :clap:
SilenceInSilver's avatar
It's a weird song, but i love the lyrics. Thank god i don't dabble in that part of life much haha
Thanks!! :)
JerichoTheFox's avatar

Heh, I can not listen to H.I.M. (reminds me of an Ex of the past a bit too much. Her music, not mine), but the imagery here is pretty striking. I could imagine this being on an album cover due to the lyrics it connects to.

SilenceInSilver's avatar
Man, she ruined such a good band for you. Although it;s kind of ironic cuz they had this whole "Love Metal" thing going on. Haha. That's a shame you can't listen to them. 
Good to know you think this is somewhat impactful visually, cuz it does stand out from what i normally do. So, thanks for that!!
JerichoTheFox's avatar

Yeah, sometimes old Lovers ruin certain things, but hey, the land and Universe is so varied, it is not that limiting. I shall always have "Linkin Park" :D

But yeah, continue on with your works ^^ Looking forward to what else you have got in store.

SilenceInSilver's avatar
True that!

I don't know if i'll be making more of those works in near future, i guess i'll see what my brain tells me. 
Thanks for sticking around, haha~
JerichoTheFox's avatar

Thank you for the warm welcome ^^

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