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Text Problems by Silencedbook9, visual art

Wilson, Refined Grizzly
Artist // Student // Traditional Art
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My Bio

I love books -- manga, comic, history, fantasy, fairytale, sci-fi, magical realism, poetry. I like to read, write, and draw.

I write whatever I want to write.

I draw whatever I want to draw.

I dream whatever I want to dream.

Favourite Visual Artist
I don't know what that is
Favourite Movies
Don't watch that much
Favourite TV Shows
Mekaku City Actors, Hitman Reborn, Blue Exorcist, Nabari no O, Hetalia, , No.6, Mikagura School Suite, Pyscho Pass, Wakfu, Doctor Who and Warehouse 13
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Green day, Dead by April, Skillet, Vocaloid, Neru, n-bana, Poets of the Fall, any type of rock music
Favourite Books
Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, The Graveyard Book, Kagerou Days, Boy Toy, Manga, No.6, One Piece, Bookmark of Demise, Gintama, Blue Exorcist, Natsume's Book of Friends, and a LOT MORE other books
Favourite Writers
Neil Gaimen, Rick Riohden, Barry Lyga, Edgar Allen Poe, Jin, M.O.T.H.Y., Hachi, Neru, Darren Shan, Avi, De La Pena,
Favourite Games
(only watched "Let's Plays" of these) Legend of Zelda, Little Nightmares, Horror RPGs,
Tools of the Trade
Pen, pencil, journal, sketch book,
Other Interests
Asian, Mesoamerican, Arab, Persian, and Indigenous mythologies, folktales, and fairytales.
Hey guys, sorry for the lack of uploads these few months. With my seasonal job, volunteer work, and the occasional burnout, I've haven't been able to post a lot here. However, please expect to some comics in the near future. Wishing you guys the best of health of happiness, Nevertheless, if you want to see more of my other work, I've posted this journal to be the go-to publication list to the, um, public. Hope you guys like it, if you want to see it, I mean you don't have to-- Art of Autism: Lothlorien Poetry Journal: The Quiver Review:
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Hello, everyone. Sorry for being so inactive and slow on my uploads. I really want to say that I had been working hard on my comics for the past few months but I must tell the truth: I was really unmotivated, uninspired, and very easily distracted. I did draw some comics during these months but they are very few in comparison with the amount of days I didn't upload. As for the distractions, it's the usual suspects: books, comics, Youtube videos, and anime/cartoons/TV shows. I've been watching Revolutionary Girl Utena and it is amazing. I've also been listening to the Magnus Archives and its horrifyingly amazing! I've been submitting to a lot of magazines and publishers too, and am writing a lot though not as much as I would like. I'll upload the places I've been published in I haven't been drawing much and that freaks me out. October was a busy month for me because it always my favorite month for a variety of reasons and I barely had time or inspiration to draw. To end off in a
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Guess What....

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I've been a submitting a lot of my short stories and poems for a while, and mainly got a lot rejections....... But last week one of my poems got accepted!!!!! Here is the link to it: Oh, and I forgot to mention that I've been posting blog posts about my experiences as an autistic here: I'm practically crying with happiness!!!!
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