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The Band Geek: Band Camp

Not as good as the first one, but here it is. More band geekie stuff, band camp this time.

If you have legit band stories let's hear em.

(but please avoid "this one time at band camp..." It's cool when we say it, because we can say it. But when everyone says it....not cool)
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SpringSakura14's avatar
So true, especially the sock tan! XD
CubanCracker62's avatar
This year at band camp, the wobble song kept playing during lunch, and things got totally out of hand every time it played, if you know what I mean...

Also, our drum major had to get off his podium and jazz run off the field... during a halftime show his pants split trying to climb down, oh dear GOD... he was wearing a cape though...
zumborocks's avatar
I was a freshy this year and i stank!!!!I can't wait until next season!!!!!!!!!!!
AdeleEevee's avatar
I've only done one season of marching band, I'll know next year from experience to ALWAYS BRING MY DOTBOOK AND DON'T LOSE IT!!!! (I about died when I had to run the whole time for forgetting my dotbook during band camp T_T
CareerFromDistrict4's avatar
This is so true.

Band camp is fun but really it is hard standing in the hot sun for half the day.
AlyG13's avatar
last week during band camp.....we scarred the freshmen flutes with our suggestive stand dances......OH WHAT FUN IT WAS!!!!!
CareerFromDistrict4's avatar
Haha the Freshman flutes at my school wouldn't be scared by that though.
cbaughman44's avatar
The towel thing is the other way around with us Freshmen in our band; it's defense from upperclassmen's shaving cream - related pranks. @_@
Dandiibrandii's avatar
What instrument do/did you play? c:
TheWizOfOdd's avatar
This one time at band camp I WAS THE ONLY FRESHMAN THERE.
Symonomonymonom's avatar
Haha this year one of our seniors got a really bad tan line from his watch. Also, I'm not sure how I managed to get through band camp with zero sunblock without getting burnt.
GuardGirl888's avatar
Well....I'm a freshman so this was my fist band camp. My band is a Class 5A so were HUGE. Two weeks in a school with god knows how many sweaty kids and a lot of instruments....well when the water came everyone got wet....
Kyoninjasquirrel7's avatar
Our band goes to an actual church camp for a week. We get up at like 6 in the morning, get ready, do about 45 minutes of cardio kickboxing, march down to the field with stuff for morning practice for an hour, go eat breakfast, clean up, march back to field for the hottest and longest (3 1/2- 4 hours) practice of the day, eat lunch, sectionals, full band, freetime (POOL!! SHOWER!!! NAP!!! SNACKS!!!) dinner, evening practice, put stuff away, evening activity, shower time, lights out at 11. REPEAT AS NEEDED. Our 179 kid strong band has almost outgrown the camp we currently inhabit. Not good.
AgentBrenna's avatar
OMG!! I MISS MARCHING!! And I'm a freshman and technically ... my season isn't over ... its over next Friday but I haven't marched in a week ... miss it so much.... I love this!!! XD
Kittykat993's avatar
Hm, well in freshman year I sprained my ankle on the first day and missed out on the rest the camp, and this last year, was great. At lunch breaks we discovered that band kids love Dr. Pepper and we always ran out halfway through the lunch line, and when we have the taco cart come, everyone tries to eat the most tacos, the most this year was 12, I had 10, oof! And then we were all kinda chilling and a tenor sax with really long hair and some facial hair was running towards the group; our director proceded to yell "RUN JESUS!!!" and the tenor was dubbed Jesus for about 3-4 months
GuardGirl888's avatar
Yah we had a Clarinet guy with hair that was so long my band director made him put it in a ponytail under his helmet. Sooooooo funny. His face was priceless.
Kyoninjasquirrel7's avatar
We had a "Jesus" in our band. That is, til' he cut his hair... We wear french braids for our end of year season encompassing show, and he and a few other guys with super long hair were forced to sit and have someone french braid their hair each night before the show. :D
Jazzy-Moe's avatar
And burnlines, when your as white as me you don't tan. lol
NeonFinch's avatar
xD I know what this is like... It's my second year, but this year I'm a freshman... Haha. Soooo so so accurate! I always seem to be the butt of the 'wet towel' jokes!
DeepUsername's avatar
I'm in guard, and I learned this: Soak a bandana in water the night before, freeze it, and wear it the next day with sunscreen, etc. It works, trust me. And those idiots who don't drink during water breaks.... lololol.
GuardGirl888's avatar
That would have been a good idea.....
Kal-dA's avatar
Hahaa, in my band instead of hats, it's bandanas. Like, EVERYONE has them. We roll them up and tie them around our head because they keep the sweat off your face. Also, a nametag and lanyard is a must in my band. xD Not only at our Band Camp (which we do as an overnight thing at a real summer camp for a week) but throughout the season because we all stuff our drill and parade counts in them.

Also, for a fun band story, at the end of our season we have a MASSIVE band hug line. It starts where everyone gets in a line. The first person hugs the director and then stands next to him, the next person hugs the director and person 1, etc. Basically you end up hugging everyone in the band while watching a few senior girls cry and watching all of the freshman become scared/confused. xD Ahahaa best time ever!

Oh, and the name of our show this year is Superfunkyfragilisticexpisouldelicious (Super-funky-fragilistic-expi-soul-delicious, based off of Supercalifragilisticexpialadocious) and we have lots of awesome songs like Crazy in Love by Beyonce and I'll be There by the Jackson 5. xD
MusicGal913's avatar
So our clarinet section is sitting in and arch, and our clarinet instructor is "attacked" by a black, grey, and white caterpillar. He dances the caterpillar off of his shoe, and at the campus we had camp at, dancing was not allowed, so we teased him about that, then he walked into the arch, talking to the three people in the center. Next one of our seniors put the death caterpillar, as we now call it, behind him. We all proceeded to laugh because we knew what he reaction would be. Throughout the rest of the season, he didn't trust her behind him.
samXsamXsan's avatar
At band camp last year, when we were trying on our uniforms, I thought I found a pocket in the pants-bit-overalls thing, and I put my hand in it... But it wasn't a pocket, it was just an opening into my pants (I have no idea what it was for), and then I couldn't get my hand out. So my hand was stuck in my pants for a good five or ten minutes, and I was definitely freaking out. It was fun.
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