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Yep. Band camp was last week. I'm twenty shades tanner and seven pounds lighter.

This is a diagram I made a looong time ago as a joke for other band geeks, which I came across while cleaning out some boxes of papers. So I redrew it. I'm proud of it but not sure if non-band geeks will see the same humor. Oh well.

EDIT: Want more band geek goodness, see the Band Camp edition. [link]
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My dad was a band director, so I was introduced to the band stereotypes at a very young age. Needless to say, it's all true.
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All of it all of it?

Or like
95% of what's shown here
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About 95%. There is SOME exaggeration, but it’s largely all true.
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for me as a artist


backpack pokets full of pencials 
AKA human pencialpine

1 pencial in each ear

a pencial sharpener (not like the little ones,the ones that have a lil crank) that is broken and had tape all over it becuase i cant afford another #brokelife 

wrists are black from pencial dust from wiping away eraser shavings

has backpack that is like thor's hammor
only i am strong enough
mostly cause its filled with a bigass binder full of blank paper and drawings

that is me visually when im drawing XD
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I know this is very old, but it’s still true, extremely true.
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My boyfriend and me are in marching band he plays the trumpet and I'm in color guard I will link the pictures of our band uniforms and what we look like if you could draw us doing something funny/cute while doing something for band. This is for his birthday the way. And I have no points ;-;
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me and scary cuz that's what i look like XD
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Oh gods T minus 2 months till band camp *shudders*
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Oh boy camp starts next week :)
I never roll down my bibs I needed that one pocket to hold my everything.
I also wear my shoes all day on Friday's less extra stuff to carry.
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Oh my god, I can relate to this so much.  I got so burnt that I got unusually tan this summer.  Since the drum major this year and I have such similar names, the band (instructors included) call me "Little J". I don't mind it, actually.
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there is 53 clarinets in our band of 250+ kids
whatMadnessIsThis's avatar
...My band nickname is 'mom', being the only female alto AND the section leader...

And we're not allowed to roll down our bibbers. (But God help me, this is becoming more and more accurate every day)
Mc-Swag-Muffin's avatar
roll down your pants/overalls/whatever-you-want-to-call-them, and you lose your one good pocket!! and my band nickname is not awkward, just a little insulting...
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My band isn't aloud to roll down our bibs...
BadassHetaliaLuvr's avatar
that small bag wouldn't even be able to feed the piccolos!!
and there were only three in my band this year
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HoWl-ThE-dRaGoN-lOrD's avatar
awsome! the only thing your missing is the tan! :P
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As a clarinet I can truthfully say that wouldn't be enough to feed me. Let alone my whole section! Love it haha. Describes me perfectly.
bleachlover64's avatar
lol that food wouldnt even be close enough to feed our clarinet section!
Ravens-of-Rome's avatar
"Love it~! Although I don't roll down my band pants only because they keep falling down if I do..."

--Daria Webs
Snowsong-kitteh's avatar
My section nickname is Wolverine xD
music101fah's avatar
Go altos and Clarinet!!!
though i can bearly play the Clarinet........i sound like a mouse when i play it :nirvana:
im a three year runneing alto sax player but i play a little tiny tiny tiny bit of the Clarinet
music101fah's avatar
My band nickname is ficy and it makes me soooo MAD!!
and i feel the same way abot the millions and millins of boby pins
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