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Baker Pie

I'm trying to do softer shadows and generally improve my shading. Also i need to work more on backgrounds
so what do you think?

also you can buy stuff with her pretty face! <3…
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That is so sweet! The baked goods too probably. Would want to try them
UltraTheHedgetoaster's avatar
Pinkeh! You so fluffycurly! :aww: :love:

A prime example of absolute adorableness. :D

5 Stars out of 5, would eat at this bakery again. :lol:

Ah, what the hay, have a big one:


...Oh wow, it took me like a whole 10 minutes to find this picture here. :XD:
I think I had found it in a EQD Drawfriend, but they had forgotten the link? ^^;
Google reverse image search shows this picture has traveled quite a bit around the web, though Google somehow failed to find the dA version of it. :O_o:
Good thing deviantArt-filenames include the artist-name! ^^;
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She so adorable!!! Great work!!! Heart 
Rikomaru's avatar
Holy her Face.... cant resist...must Bake. Too  beautiful
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Let's get baked together Pinkie.

"Cool! What temp should I set the oven?"

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Ok! I'll try one! X3
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D'awwwwwwwwwwww. =3
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That's adorable! Nice work on the shading, the lighting makes it shine and glow all the more.
SilberSternenlicht's avatar
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Good work with the background. The light from the window almost makes it look like Pinkie's glowing. Which, given the "love glow" effect, is quite fitting. That smile and blush and expression are quite irresistible in combination with the lovely hair (serisouly, that's what Ponk should look like in the hair department when humanized). Shading's pretty nice, really - it does all the necessary job and the improvement is noticable. Keep up the good work.
SilberSternenlicht's avatar
oh that is so great! Thank you so much for details <333
ComradeFluffski's avatar
So cute! Must...Give...HUG!!
StrayFlame's avatar
new shadowing technique looks really nice! and the background looks loose and fun like your lineart for the characters :D
Patec's avatar
Super adorable!
SetInSalem's avatar
Omg...So Adoprbs... x3
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