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Deviation Actions

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There are four simple rules:

:star: #1: Credit me
:bulletblue: include my name and/or visible clickable link to my stock account or stock image

:star: #2: Let me know if you've used my stock
:bulletblue: send me a note or leave a comment to my main page or stock picture

:star: #3: Don't just slightly edit my pictures and then claim them as your own art. BE CREATIVE.

:star: #4: You're not allowed to redistribute my stock images in any way.

After you have provided proper credits and notified me of stock usage, you're allowed to:
:bulletblue: sell deviantART prints;
:bulletblue: use pictures containing my stock images in your web layouts, banners, etc;
:bulletblue: use pictures containing my stock images in projects involving books, CDs, etc, but PLEASE let me know beforehand.

- - - - - -

UPDATED RULES AS OF 25.12.2011!~
I am not active on deviantART anymore, so I've been thinking how to handle my stock account. I know a lot of people still like and use the images I provide, so I didn't want to delete them, but I also have some concerns about the way people use my images. My new, edited rules can actually be seen above, but I thought I'd still stress a few things that have changed:

:bulletblue: You can no longer sell prints of my images outside of deviantART. No exceptions.

:bulletblue: Whenever you use my images, you have to give credit, be it in or outside of deviantART. No exceptions.

:bulletblue: You absolutely CANNOT use my pictures to create new stock images. I thought that that much was clear, but it appears that I do have to repeat it.

But still, have fun and enjoy~

© 2010 - 2021 SilaynneStock
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JuliScalzi's avatar
Many thanks for sharing your beautiful stock.  Used your pretty red hearts here:  Link
wlouisa-flocke's avatar
I use this work on the online platform Howrse (German). Of course with link!!!
Here is it:…
Am I able to use any stock for a layout manipulation on a game called ''?
TalesOfNightWing's avatar
I made a manipulation out of your work, I was wondering if I could print it out to put it in a collage to give as a gift to someone. I would not be selling it or making any money whatsoever. Would that be okay?
dustpillows's avatar
I used this photo [link]
here: [link]
Credited link at the bottom.
EquineDreamer's avatar
Used your stock here. [link] Hope you like it and it is going to be used on If that is not alright, please let me know.
Scanty-Kneesocks's avatar
May I use some of your stock for an online book cover?
District12GirlOnFire's avatar
I used your stock HERE ---> [link] hope you don't mind :3
Lilo71's avatar
I'm using some of your forest stock for a manip. I'll give you the link once I have finished.
bleedangel's avatar
Hello, Ms. =) I used your stock here:
If you want me to unable it as a print, please, let me know =)
Lietsu-chii's avatar
I can use the rules for my "stock"?
ChisSweetArt's avatar
I'll be using one of your images for a book cover I hope it's ok.
FlyingPanda346's avatar
I'm scetching one of your eye images, I will credit if I post it
Dididada1997's avatar
Just to make it sure : does the credt have to be ON the image ?
heavensxnt's avatar
hi there, i used one of your eye photos, here [link]
Using one of your eye stocks in a project for . You will be credited, of course.
jotaro-shima's avatar
I have a neat idea involving some photomanips of one of your stock photos. If it looks good enough, may I use it on my own personal website? I do graphic design on the side and need a good portfolio piece.
Flamefeather13's avatar
I used on of your eye stock, and credited you, of course. You can see it in my new deviations. ^^; it's not very good though. This is my first time ever doing something like this.
jackpalmer1's avatar
May I use your eye stock. just to draw... to practice drawing.. your eye caught my attention
Lol-Horse's avatar
I love your stock! Do you mind if I use a stock image of yours in a manip and sell it for vitural money ( I will put credits on the image and upload it to dA.
SilaynneStock's avatar
GenocideWonderland's avatar
Using one of your eyes~ I hope that's okay!
Fallen1125's avatar
May I use your stock images? They're epic :D
Fabulous stock! I may use one of your eye images for a website layout! Thanks!
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