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Gimp Curves IX

Click download to get the actions.

Unzip them into local disk/documents and settings/your username/gimp/curves

You don't have to ask my permission to use them. Crediting me would be nice.



original image from: [link]

It seems that these might not work with every version of Gimp. I have Gimp version 2.4, so if you have any other, these curves might not show up.
Sorry, I have no idea how to solve this problem or if that's even possible.
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What does a curve do?
hi. just wanted to say thanks for these. i'm using gimp 2.6.10 and they work great for me, after a small "adjustment". when i unrar the archive, the files containing the curves all have ^M as a end of line character. i had to delete all these to be able to import them to the gimp.
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do they work in gimp 2.6?=D
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I put the action in the folder curves but how do we use it?
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is there any way that u can change the file type so that i can download it? my computer system cant handle .rar files, only ZIP files
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Thank you so much for these! I'll let you know if I use them. That is a really nice dress by the way :P
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uumm..i don't have the gimp/curve folder >_< where should i put them??
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Hmm.. firstly, do you have Gimp installed correctly?
If you have, then are you looking in the correct folder? For example, my own folder is located at C:\Documents and Settings\Kati\.gimp-2.4\curves
If you do have the Gimp folder but can't find the curves folder, perhaps you can just create it there yourself?

I very much hope it helped you, because I'm leaving town in two hours and I won't be back for more than a week. If it didn't help you, perhaps you can use google to find some answers.
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thank you!! :D i think it was in the wrong folder >_< i ♥ them ^_~
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Oh, that's good. And thank you :aww: :D
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but i still have no idea how to use them @_@
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