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Gimp Curves I

Click download to get the actions.

Unzip them into local disk/documents and settings/your username/gimp/curves

You don't have to ask my permission to use them. Crediting me would be nice.



original image from: [link]

It seems that these might not work with every version of Gimp. I have Gimp version 2.4, so if you have any other, these curves might not show up.
Sorry, I have no idea how to solve this problem or if that's even possible.
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Where can I download 7zip? I can't open a RAR file.. :/
thanks for the curves they are nice

For those who the curve does not work (on linux) just convert them into linux format files!
dos2unix <the file>
and then it work well, no error messages ;)
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It's a .rar file so, if you don't have a .rar unpack thing you need to download one. Like 7zip (which is what I'm using. :P)
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i'm sorry, but do know how to get this into gimp on a mac? i would really love to use these, but the instructions that you have don't match anything on my computer. thanks so much for the help! :hug:
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I'm very sorry for the late reply.

But unfortunately I don't know anything about macs. :( Perhaps you could try googling your problem (if you already haven't)
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thanks for advice, but i already have :(
anyways, great actions you have here, hopefully i will find a way to use them! :D
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Oh, I see =/
I hope so too! :)
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.can you this and the other Gimp Curves downloads in "zip" -format convert?
I can not unpack this "rar" -format :no:

I would be very grateful to you :heart:
ForRizzleMyShizzle's avatar do you use?
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Do you mean how to put them in Gimp or how to use them in Gimp? To put them in Gimp, open the location I put in the artist's comments (for example mine is C:\Documents and Settings\Kati\.gimp-2.4\curves ) and put them there.
If you mean how to use them, then here's a nice tutorial about it [link]
And if you want to get these actions you added to Gimp, then open the Curves tool and somewhere there should be button "open". It should take you to the curves folder where you can open the curves you downloaded.

If something stays unclear, feel free to ask :)
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Ha, I got it now, thank you :)
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