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Eilistraee tattoo

My second tattoo, done about a month ago.
I always wanted some sort of small Eilistraee symbol tattoed on me ^^ but in the end I decided to go for this woderful big version.
The original art can be found in 'Faiths and Pantheons' the DnD manual.
I'm still thinking about at some point adding a big moon in the background behind her.

..ahh how I miss my days of dnd roleplaying *sniff*
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Kick ass. I always thought that would be a sweet tat.
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That is bad ass!! I'm planning on getting the symbol of Shar over my elbow... but really a the symbol of Eilistraee kinda beats out Shar's purple circle.
AngelMorrigan's avatar
This is awesome- the only bad thing about it is... well....

Now I want one too!!!
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Thank you :) haha why is that bad? ^^
AngelMorrigan's avatar
Cuz it'll be my second DnD-themed tattoo and I don't have the money for it right now... :cry: I will have more!
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It's up to you what you get and if you like DnD themes/art then why shouldn't get another one. There is not set number for em ^^
I'm thinking about getting 2 more myself and one of them will be the Agrach Dyr symbol; 2nd DnD one for me too :)
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