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3 AM

A day like the rest.  A night like any other.


I take off my worksuit, carefully draping it over the back of my chair.  Don't want stains on that chair, after all.  He made that just for me.

Hell, made this whole place just for me.  I take a look around the shop, then another.  

Tools laid on on the shelf.
A can of grease.
A nice desk for finer work and its mate, the chair at its front.

Even I muster a little smile in thanks.

I look at the little clock on the desk: 3 AM, on the hour.  Not surprising, it sure felt like it.

My feet carry me to the door, my hand pulls the cord to the light to call it a finished day.  I turn my head just enough to see the moonlight break through the window and leave its white stripe across the cement floor.


Grasp the handle, turn, and step out into a cool breeze.  Take a moment to savor it and unwind.

I reach into my pocket for my pack and a match, striking the grit and lighting the cigarette.  Not that I need the match, but the smell is nice.

Take the first big breath, then release the smoke into the sky above.  It dances in the air for but a few seconds before the breeze takes it away, becoming one with starry sky above.

Just like the rest of us.


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The picture alone is a beautiful work, but the writing deepens the atmosphere and allows the individual to create the rest of the scenery. Very cool:) (Smile) 
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looks the good
did you use a drawing program called Krita?
SilasAgnostos's avatar
Nope, I use Paint Tool SAI.
black-sunn89's avatar
lately i use Krita
SilasAgnostos's avatar
Ah, I've tried it a few times but I can't seem to get myself to like it.  Glad it works well for you, though.
black-sunn89's avatar
everyone has their own favorite program ;-)
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I loooove how his eyes shine to the light :D
Pondering the universe 👌🏼 very cool!
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Anyone we know?
SilasAgnostos's avatar
Irascible by SilasAgnostos

I don't draw her often.
Pinaz9's avatar
Goodness! She has quite the angry face.
SilasAgnostos's avatar
She's a pretty angry person.
Pinaz9's avatar
Any chance for character development?
Pinaz9's avatar
Her facing what made her angry and becoming less so, maybe finding someone that can't be scared off and wants to make her happy.
SilasAgnostos's avatar
That's already thought out, there's just not any drawn/written content for it.  At least not yet.
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