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Plug for adding (+ button)/removing (– button)/testing fonts.

The "Text:" ComboBoxEntry has built-in options for things like:
-- "ABC . . . abc . . . 123"
-- "AaBbCc . . . 123"
-- "Lorem ipsum"
-- "The quick brown . . ."
However, the user is able to type in their own custom text if they want (and the "Preview:" box at the top should display it). Granted, this is all a mockup, so I'm not even sure what's really 'possible' or not.

All comments/suggestions/"You mucked up the HIG here. Try . . ." welcome! It's my first stab at GIMP, Inkscape, and anything like this in general.

UPDATE: I might move "Size:" to be under "Preview:" since it doesn't affect the font itself, but just the preview of it. Any suggestions?
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