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I'm all out of stories
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You are in my heart forever.   I love you :heart:

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Feature time !

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Yup me again!  I bet you thought I wouldn't follow through huh? :omg::faint: 
Sooooo here's the next and photomanip.  Enjoy !!!

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A big hello to all who are still around and on my watch :wave:  I hope that life is treating you all kindly :rose:
I know that my journals are very far and few between and all I can do is apologise for my tardiness :shrug: 
For all of you wonderful deviants who constantly feature my works, I thank you with great respect and gratitude for your unwavering support even though my offerings have only been coming far and few of late.  This I cannot do anything about and have to just weather it out as and when my muse decides to make an appearance. 
Having said that, even though I dont post as often anymore, I am still in DA each and every day checking out your works and generally lurking in the background.  I haven't deserted DA.....yet!!   DA just isn't the place it used to be though and with each new day I see more and more inactive and deactivated members and it makes me sad.  I could go on and on about this but I wont.  Im sure you all see it as much as I do and it makes me wonder what will become of this place and....where are all the people going?

Anyhow on a lighter note, since I am woefully overdue in offering a feature I have decided to change up my usual format of feature and hit you all with a spaceart and sci-fi feature this time.   I have every intention of not waiting so long to do my next journal and when I do, I will focus on another genre of artwork.  Its just that I have so many fav's of all the genre's that interest me that I think its only fair to spread them out so that I can hopefully repay the kindness of everyone over time, hopefully not forget anybody. 

So without further ado and in no particular order, please enjoy this trip and let your eyes behold the wonders of space and science fiction that I have found in my travels throughout DA and please don't forget to comment and show the artists some love.  Afterall, this is what we are all here for....right ?  :heart:

P.s.  Sorry for the unorganised layout....I'm not "au fait" with the workings of that :shrug:

Xeno Nebula by Casperium A Night Scene of Saturn by QAuZ by Matkraken Cloudy Sunshine by Fug4s Balance by QuantomStarBox The Sunset Nebula by cosmicspark Van Gogh Nebula by Casperium Vivid Contrariety by BLPH EludeTheFlux by MtPvonExplodingArt Rising by JoeyJazz come into MY  WORLD by k-i-mm-i-e Structures of the Universe by cosmicspark Zero Gravity - collaboration by neverdying The Colony of Virgo by ArthurBlue Reaching The Warm Light by QAuZ The Summoning by Hera-of-Stockholm The Flat Planet ~ by chrisntheboat Game of the Future by Dani-Owergoor Terra Nova by charmedy The Gaseous Clay Nebula by Casperium Time of wishes by Ellysiumn Red Sector A by Altair-E Portal Of Dreams by Sandra-Cristhina Collab: Aboutime by synax444 Moon System 2.0 by Scorpidilion Blind Silencia by Shue13 At the Edge of the World by neverdying Time Machine by DusanMarkovic Loneliness by jedgraph:thumb304246106: Dawson's Nebula by Casperium CyberLevitation by MtPvonExplodingArt TronResurrection by MtPvonExplodingArt String Theory by charmedy Cosmic Beacons ~ Wondrous Stars by AstroBoy1 The Prophecy - Collab with Daniela Owergoor by Sandra-Cristhina Doomsday (animated) by phantastes visions by peroni68 ALIEN SHORES by AstroBoy1 Alien Portal by Taitaviracocha end of the road by 5ofnovember Alien city suburban. by jedgraph Space9 by Jcdow3Arts Imagination by Grim962
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