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TMNT mugshot

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Oh my god this was hilarious 😂😂 It's based on the 2007 movie isn't? I love that movie!

Their expressions are so funny😂😂 They're like:

Leo: " This day just keeps getting better and better..."
Donnie: "oh gosh! This is so embarrassing!"
Mikey: " say CHEESE!"
Raph: "I'm gonna kill you once this is over."
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TluaengiadProfessional Traditional Artist
Their expressions are perfect! :lmao:
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Leo is like, just take the dang picture
Don is like, oh my God oh my God oh my God I'm gonna be in so much trouble
Mikey is like, cheese!
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Mikey = Cowabunga Dude!:D (Big Grin)  Raph = Someone is going to DIE! Stabbed with a Fork!  Donnie = How did this happen?Grr. Leo = Seriously? Unimpressed 
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kouliousisHobbyist Artist
Awesome Work
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Look at Mikey he like 😜
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I would imagine the police were confused about whether they needed to handle these guys or if they should call the director of the zoo!  Quite a catch, I would say, for the local PD.  Mikey is just so "Mikey" in his mug shot - outgoing, friendly, taking full advantage of a photo op.  Leo and Raphael look like they could have steel plates for lunch, and Donnie is fervently wishing the floor would open up and swallow him!

Great concept and art!  Very funny!
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MissSerbianJelenaHobbyist Digital Artist
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Leo= Splinter is going to be so ashamed of me and I failed my brothers.
Don= Do we really have to do this? Please don't take my picture.
Raph= You already know me,just get on with it.
Mikey= Can I get some wallet sized,3 x 5,4 x 6,5 x 7,and poster sized pictures please?
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omfg yeash XD
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Mikey would have the most fun,until Splinter gets his hands on them.
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Yeah and one advice : RUN
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Like Splinter would even give them that chance.
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Splinter will make jail seem like a vacation for them.
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Come little children, i have a little surprise for you XD And BÄM XD Prison
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TmntNinjaTeenHobbyist Artist
Fabulous art darling!!!! Keep up the amazing work!!!! ;) :) 
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UsagichanBRHobbyist General Artist
Cool :)
I like this art since I was not yet registered here.
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MDTartist83 General Artist
I love how Mikey is cheerful. And Raph looks intimidating.
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SophiaStones123Student Writer
Seen this too many times already. I suggest you come up with a better idea if you ur really going to continue to spam. If you are, let me warn u, spam is not welcome in general, so pls, take your spam with you, good day :/
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Leonardo: "Oh, for God's sake...!"
Donatello: "What the hell are you doing!?"
Michelangelo: "YEAH!! I'm a celebrity!"
Raphael: "Just take the bloody picture, will you?"

Probably what they'd say, too.
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Love how Mikey jus thinks of this moment as a Photo Op.
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Just thinking of Splinters reaction when the police calls him to get his underage boys from arrest... xD
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