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Kalevala: The Fate Of Aino

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"Once to swim I sought the sea-side,
There to sport among the billows;
With the stone or many colors
Sank poor Aino to the bottom
Of the deep and boundless blue-sea,
Like a pretty son-bird. perished.
Never come a-fishing, father,
To the borders of these waters,
Never during all thy life-time,
As thou lovest daughter Aino."

-Kalevala, Rune IV, The Fate Of Aino (extract)

Aino is a young maiden in the Finnish national epic Kalevala. Her brother Joukahainen promises Aino's hand to Väinämöinen in exchange for his life. Aino, who doesn't want to marry an old man, walks into the sea and drowns herself.
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light-serpentStudent Digital Artist
Great illustration! :clap:
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Thank you very much.
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MirachRavaiaHobbyist General Artist
Hello! Your work has been featured here [link] Please, :+favlove: the article if you like it, so that more people can see it :)
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Pidän kovin paljon. Mutta vähän hämmentää, kun se jotenkin muistuttaa kasvonpiirteiltään Sarah Michelle Gellaria : D.
Taustan metsikkö on ihanan synkeänkalmainen suomalaiskorpi :>. Tunnelma on upea.
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Sarah Michelle Gellarin näköinen? :D Hmm, olisiko tuossa silmien alueella ehkä jotain yhdennäköisyyttä? Mutta kiitos kovasti! Pitäisi kuvittaa enemmänkin Kalevalan tapahtumia.
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Beautiful! I love her body, and how she's not... what's the word? Unnaturally feminine?

Anywho- love the mood, with the dark water and brighter skies.
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Thank you! You know, her body was actually the hardest thing to draw in this. I tried to make her look like a girl who's just reached puberty, but is not yet an adult. And I had no reference, so I had to use the memories I had of my own body when I was that age.
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Ahahah- I was going to say "I love how young she looks" but I thought it might come off weird [though I am nothing but] - so you did very well. Esp with no ref!
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Heh :D I don't know her exact age in the story, but she has always been portrayed as a young girl by our artists, especially by one of our most famous painters Akseli Gallen-Kallela, who's known for his Kalevala art.

Here's his take on the Aino myth: [link]
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That's really gorgeous. The whole style is. I love the diffused light coming from the top and how it balances with Aino's paleness. It's just all over beautiful.

Poor old Vaina. No one ever wanted to marry him.
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Thank you so much :heart: I love using different styles, you know, somethings I'll do more cartoony art, and sometimes I'm in the mood for realistic style. It's also fun to learn new techniques and try to overcome new challenges. With this piece the hardest thing was probably Aino's body. I'm not sure if the story ever states her age, but I was always under the impression that she's very young. So I tried to make her look between 12 and 13, you know, not yet a woman but not a child. And drawing a body like that was hard because I had no reference. I just had to try and remember what my own body looked like when I was that age.
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