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History of Magic

By sikuriina
History of Magic - the most boring class in Hogwarts. This is Marauder's Era, so you should be able to spot the four Marauders + Snape and Lily :)

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a yes the class that 90%of hogwarts students don't pay attention in 
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Math class in a nutshell.
HalfCubanPrincess's avatar
I love Lily in this picture! She looks so happy, that it's making me really happy!
supa22's avatar
HAHAHA!!! I love the whole drama in the back row and the only girl with her arm raised, paying attention! And of course the sleeping girls, and the ginger dude with his head in his hands. I absolutely love detail of it. Right down to where Sirius doesn't even seem to have his books out!
skeletonjackpumpkin's avatar
oh its maths class at my school
Nefertini's avatar
He he, reminds me our class. :D
xPho's avatar
I like Lily's hair ^^
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Gothicthundra's avatar
OMG! This is both amazing and funny... Seriously in my mind it looks like Narcissa totally made Lucious' pen ink him from the back row.... and Snape forever glazing at Lily.. I also love (who I assume is Alice and Frank) in the back far left where Frank's making his Quill write for him.
Somehow I doubt that classes with the Marauders could be boring, but I absolutely love what you did here! Everyone looks amazing.. love it!
OliCatphan23's avatar
I can spot Snape, Lily, James, and Sirius. Can't find Peter or Remus.
chibiaya's avatar
This is perfect! I almost noticed everyone! Or I randomly labeled them because of their physical appearance (because of their children) :D
klumos13's avatar
Sirius and James. Priceles XD
This is really awesome, I love it!
EstelleHayLee's avatar
Lucius? Where is he? *sniff*
BTW, I'm in love with Severus. He looks extremely pale and ill. Well, it suits him :D
Sar94's avatar
Looks like my philosophy class :D
Typhl0si0n's avatar
nice!! love the way you draw quills!
rhodestwins's avatar
THIS IS AMAZING, i found the all
lilly is the righ side of the midle desk, 1st row, behind her is severus on the left side of the desk and peter on the right. the table next to peter left is sirius and right is jame and in frount of james in remus :D
How did i do?
~rhodestwin 1
Angelkitten2's avatar
thats EXACTLY my SOSE class... minus the magic!

kakashilover261's avatar
your pic makes my brain hurt
first row last person on the right i think is ramus, the one behind him is james, one next to him is sirius, the one across from sirius is peter and the two in the front row in the middle is severus and lily.
i think i did it (my brains explodeing) :iconsnapesmilingplz:
awesome pic by the way!!!!!!!
tell me if im right or most likely if im wrong :iconbigsmileplz:
sikuriina's avatar
You got them all right, but Severus is actually sitting behind Lily and the girl(!) in the first desk :P
kakashilover261's avatar
me soooooooooo smart
it may have taken me forever to figger out hows, how
but i love the pic. :iconbigsmileplz:
9timechos's avatar
Awesome- i spy a Snivellus :)
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