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30 Years of ElfQuest

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My favorite comic is 30 years old :) Congrats to Wendy and Richard Pini, the creators of the wonderful elves of ElfQuest.

My own personal favorites were always Skywise, Strongbow, Rayek, Redlance and Nightfall.

Characters belong to Wendy and Richard Pini.
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to the weaver of colours what eye catching art you have created. 
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CSEmberHobbyist Digital Artist
My mother has a bunch (like over 100) of the original comics, and I grew up on them. Elfquest is amazing, and skywise, Rayek, winnowill, and Treestump were always my favs.
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Treborius-MaximusHobbyist Traditional Artist
I have't read these in a long while, but I used to really like Redlance. And Strongbow, he was like the Elfquest version of Rambo :)
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Great one!

That's my favourite look for Strongbow.
Strongbow, Nightfall and Clearbrook were my favourites. Though it's hard to decide on favourites.

We used to have some books when I was little. As a teen I bought some more. But there's so much! I don't think I know even half of it. Sometimes I'd like to catch up, but I'm afraid it won't be easy.
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I loved Clearbrook, despite we didn't often see her. Thanks for this beautiful drawing !
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jennykraftHobbyist General Artist
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Bleu-AceHobbyist Traditional Artist
So much nostalgia from my teenage years...
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Kara-KazenekoHobbyist General Artist
Still kickin butt... and for me that rocks, since so few things as old as I am are still around (*sigh*)
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You listed my exact list of favorite characters in you description. :)
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NightValkyrieHobbyist General Artist
I miss this graphic novel series so much... Great job portraying all the characters. :)
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PietroschekHobbyist Writer
Like the song-lyrics of AWR it remained an underestimated Saga. Nice work of yours!
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bookshopHobbyist Writer
hi! I'd like to use this gorgeous art as the header image in an article I'm writing about Elfquest for I will credit you as author with a link back to this page. Please let me know if that's not okay! Thank you! :) - Aja
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That's ok :)
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varletlegionStudent General Artist
Rock on I love to see people who apriciate storyline and quality over slam-bang Px (military store) propoganda. The Pinis could eat a pencil and paper and shit out a better comic book than any of these new comics.
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uchihaclanlivesonHobbyist General Artist
Cant choose a favorite :) lol I love to many of them
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Amica-DatenshiHobbyist General Artist
mmm.... elfquest... =)))
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inuyasha666hieiHobbyist Traditional Artist
i always liked skywise
o rayke is smiling thats never good XD run cutter
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JATGProductionsHobbyist General Artist
Skywise, Redlance, and Nightfall are among my favorites too... :dance:
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^^ i love this comic myself but sadly i am so many years late on it so i have to order it to read it.
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Angelic-Artist Traditional Artist
Rainsong and Woodlock have had two sons. Wing and Mender. You didn't add Bowki or Widkin either. But that's ok. XD
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Angelic-Artist Traditional Artist
I always liked Venka, Redlance and Nightfall, Ember, Two-Edge and Tyleet as my personal favorites. :3 Favorite comic, ever.
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Ember ember ember ember EEEEMMBEEEERR!!! teehee.

Oh look it's Cutter *glomps*
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TimBakerFXProfessional General Artist
really well done, you might not believe this, but spent the day with Richard and Wendy Pini, then I happened across your page :)
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Thank you very much! :) And you've met the Pinis? I'm so jealous! I've been a fan for 17 years, since I was 9 years old.
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