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Hunger Games Jacket Prototype

As promised, here's the new design that will be available to order through my journal post Hunger Games Jacket Order Form. :lol:

**The above link will take to the order page where all the specifics of ordering are outlined.

The prototype shown above was sold on Ebay to a lucky bidder.

A few things were changed between this jacket and the last, so here's the difference.

• The logo on the back of the jacket now simply says Hunger Games with the arrow design underneath.
• The back has the seal design that will be specific to each district requested.
• The shoulders have various options to choose from when ordering. You can either choose the black circle, white circle, or simply the number with no circle similar to the last jacket.

*Finally the major change between these jackets is that most everything will be done by spraypaint rather than a mix of fabric paint and spraypaint. (This is to keep up with an expected high demand) The end result is just as good.

:heart: Thanks for looking! :heart:
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Where do I order? :D
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You can order by commenting on my Journal Post : Here.

All the details of what you need to specify / sizing info and colors are in the journal =)
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Oh my gosh i want one soo badly, soon as i get some more money, i'm definitely buying one!
Wish you had read as an option. Guess i'll have to keep a look out for one.
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Awesome! I'm glad you like it! =D

The pink is kinda red, if you wanna check it out here
Cristina37's avatar
Ehh still too pinkish for me but i do kind of like the brown. I was trying to see if i could fined a nice dark or navy green one, but geeze i forget how expensive sweatshirts can be! I saw you might be making shirts as well.
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Yeap, I'm actually working on a website right now that should give you guys a better look at all the options (Hoping to have it done in the next few days!)
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can I order this even though i live in the uk?
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yes, shipping will just be more expensive
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I agre with everybody. I really like it! :D Soon as I get some money coming in, I can order. Is there a deadline?
SikkPup's avatar
Nope, it's ready to order whenever you are :lol:
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OMG you are UBER awesome!! :hug: As soon as I get more funds, I am DETERMINED to get one of these!! :3
SikkPup's avatar
Awesome! And thank you! :love:
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how much, and can it be district 12? or 13?
SikkPup's avatar
I'm selling them for $34 each to cover the jacket cost, etc. and it can be any district you want =D there's more about ordering on the order form linked in the description.
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sounds good, would love to get one for x-mas
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It would definitely be a great gift :nod::xmas: If you decide to order one, leave me a comment with your specifics on the order form and i'll get started right away =)
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WOWOW! I wanna buy this and wear it to the movie!
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BeTheMockingjay23's avatar
I would love to wear something like this to the movie premier! I'd probably get a stenciled shirt from my cousins/sister that says "PEETA FTW" or "GIRL ON FIRE" or "DOWN WITH THE CAPITOL!" or something like that... Or maybe... "WANT A SUGAR CUBE?" :XD:
Pawnsome jacket, man! ;)
SikkPup's avatar
Hahaha thanks! :heart: My friends said they wanted to do that too, they all wanted me to make them jackets that we can wear together =D
BeTheMockingjay23's avatar
No problem! :D
Cool! That would be awesome! :D
adorkableXbabyXwhale's avatar
THIS. This is so awesome.
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