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Hunger Games District 12 Shirt


As requested here is the new design for hunger games shirts I'll be making now that it's not as cold =D

New Etsy shop opened for you guys!
• You can find me under SkinnMe Designs
• Don't worry about stock running low, as they start to sell out I'll make sure I get more done for you guys =)
• Other Districts I will have up soon (will update here as available):
- District 11
- District 4
- District 3
**If you want a different district than these let me know either through DA or Etsy

All of the ordering information is outlined on Etsy. Hope you guys like the new design!

:heart: Thanks for looking! :heart:
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Please tell me you are still making these. I would love a District 13 shirt
Do you still have any of these? I'd really like to buy some.
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Do you do district 2?
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I could if you'd like =)
redukins's avatar
I'd love it if you did <3 ;w;
when will orders be accepted for the hunger games jacket?
how much will the shipping fee cost? i live in singapore.
waaaait why are orders not being accepted for the hunger games jacket?? i want one soooo badly! D:
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Hey there. Just wondering, is the link broken?? When I click on the Etsy link, it says that I got the website wrong...
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I've actually had to stop selling them for the time being due to my time constraints. I'll try to let everyone that was interested know when I am able to sell them again.
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Me needs district 3
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When will the other districts be available? Were waiting to buy the shirts until you get district 4 too. My roommate wants one too n__n!
SikkPup's avatar
Ok! =D I should have them available pretty soon, maybe thursday or friday hopefully!
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I love the black one n will be ordering one shortly just need a refillable credit card :P wat r the dimensions of the medium female shirt thanks
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The shirts are unisex and the all the sizing info is in the etsy listing =) medium is 38-40" chest, small is 34-36" chest, then theres others too, but I think those are the sizes you'd be looking at?
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Oohh, awesome! I wish I had money to buy one XD I'd actually be interested in a District 8 shirt, if the opportunity ever presents itself...
SikkPup's avatar
I'll be sure to keep that in mind =D I might be able to get one up in the future =)
Hehewuti's avatar
I look forward to it!
xxFadeoutxx's avatar
Sweet! I love those books so much :heart:
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Another amazing work! Just like my jacket :) Are these hand painted too or are they going to be monogrammed?
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Thanks! =) I actually took some of the jacket money that I've been making and invested in a few screens to do screen printing now haha so far what it's been turning out pretty good.

Hopefully I can upload a real picture of one soon so you can see what it looks like finished =D
EinherraInnakita's avatar
I can't wait! I'll definitely be buying a shirt from you too n.n!
SikkPup's avatar
Awesome! I'm glad to hear! =)
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I'm interested, really :)
Martafav's avatar
Very nice! Do you have they for women? :P
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